Singapore is known to be a tourist spot because of its world-class theme parks and the outstanding crime prevention system they have. In addition, people all over the world are amazed at the culture and work ethics of Singapore. More than that, Singapore also houses some of the best universities in the world.

With the lifestyle and culture in Singapore, there is a growing rate of immigrants or even visitors who either wish to work or study in Singapore. Moving to a new place, looking for the best accommodation is crucial no matter what your reason may be. If you are like most who are considering moving to a new location or even a country like Singapore, you will need to do thorough research.

Housing in Singapore can be pretty expensive. However, there are cheaper available housing options, especially for those who will stay in the country for a limited period of time only, like landed house room for rent.

What is a landed house?

In its most basic sense, a landed house is a type of home with a small parcel of land. This land can either have a garden or even a pool. A landed house allows owners to have a space in their property to unwind and relax outside their homes. It can even be a place where they can entertain their guests. Perhaps the homeowner can host a small party or a barbeque to celebrate an occasion.

However, owning a landed house can be pretty expensive in Singapore, considering the country's landmass. More than that, the homeowner would have to consider maintaining their garden or pool, which can be pretty costly.

People don't have to worry too much because there are available landed house rooms for rent in Singapore. There are even landed house rooms that are fully furnished.

Benefits of getting a landed house room for rent

Given the advantages and disadvantages of a landed house, some people consider getting themselves a landed house room for rent. Aside from the availability of homes that are already furnished with the typical necessities of any Singapore resident, they can also have an option to have housemates or participate in co-living. Thus, rent will be effectively decreased, but this is also an excellent opportunity for new Singapore residents.

Above all, considering the amount of work or school tasks residents may have, they don't even have to worry about some of the chores and maintenance of the property. There are landed house room for rent that provide housekeeping and even ensuring that the facilities are in working order.

Plus, with the number of landed house rooms for rent in Singapore, you can even find a home that can be near your work or school. In addition, you may have the option to walk the distance or utilize the fantastic public transport Singapore is known for.


In a nutshell, anyone who plans to move to a new country like Singapore will have to consider the best place to live without breaking the bank. With these things in mind, the market has provided its consumers some options such as a landed house room for rent. This type of housing is truly a great option, especially for looking for a great place with minimal cost and outstanding living arrangements.

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