Why you shall come forward and report a scam?
Scamming is theft which means to deceive people for money. It is fraud in which a criminal makes use of the internet to wipe out people of their belongings. Scammers are present at every point on the internet.
Every platform, website, app, or software launched on the internet has scammers. Everywhere you go cybercriminals will try to scam you. Let’s take a simple example of Facebook and YouTube.
Scammers on Facebook and YouTube will spy on you to see what are your interests and then scam you there. For example, if you are interested in reading books and scammers get to know this point.
They will scam you in books. They will contact you in a professional style and tell you that they are giving any 5 branded books for 100$. This attractive offer will make you instantly make a payment while the books will never reach you. Likewise, scammers are present at every point on the internet.
Recently my friend lost his 2300$ in the scam of A2 Hosting. He is a YouTuber and has 35,000 subscribers on his list. He instantly warns all his followers about this type of scam while his followers post his story of scam on their Facebook Walls and warn others about this type of scam. In this way, he has saved more than 50,000 ones from this scam thus saving money in thousands of dollars.
Similarly, authorities like Freelancing Sites, Property Dealing sites, Banking Apps, Gambling and other sites where a huge deal in money is made each day have a complete system to detect for scammers. Scammers or Hackers cannot scam you there. In such cases, they will create a bit tricky situation to scam you.
Likewise, they will ask for your Email or WhatsApp number and tell you that they will make all the communication here rather than of the site from where they grab you. It is a clear type of scamming. In such cases, it is recommended to come forward and expose scammer reports the relevant authorities or webmaster that this one is making me communicate outside of your channel.
In this regard, they will take action against such scammers as well as also warn others about such a technique of scam. In this way, you can save thousands of dollars from being scammed.
Scamming is a punishment and different countries have their own rules and ways to tackle scams. Like the punishment of scamming in India is 7 years. While they have departments, intelligence agencies, and cybercrime cells to tackle scams.
If you came forward with courage and report others about the scam you will not save thousands of dollars from being scammed but also let the law enforcement agencies do there apart punish scammers, create a model for others and wipe out the crime of scamming.
Likewise, scammers will call you and try to scam your property or bank balance by asking for your credit card information. In this regard, no one from the bank will never ask for your personal information.
In such cases, it is recommended to report bank about such type of scam. They will warn others about the scam through text messages or calls and in this regard, your one step can save millions of dollars from being scammed.
Coming forward and reporting a scam is the first step towards destiny. In some cases, reporting a scam will not return your belongings but it will warn others about the scam and in the future, they will clear when they are making deals with such scammers or platforms.

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