If you want to stick to something static, that is the beginning of suffering. When you accept that all in life changes, you are not trying to stick to happiness and joy. You have to work with this aspect of awareness.
You do not know when you die or when of your relatives dies. Therefore remember never to leave a meeting in excitement and with an unresolved situation or argument, because you would remember you word from the last meeting.
In order to increase your state of awareness, you must know in which sequence you are doing it.
Analyze or screen
First, you listen or hear with careful attention and awareness,
Second you reflect on what you heard, knowing that all impressions are in your consciousness.
Third, you analyses or screen what you heard.
Fourth, you meditate on what you heard and look upon how to integrate your impressions.
Fifth, you actually integrate everything.
Would it take a long time for you to have a new consciousness?
In the beginning, you spend a lot of time for analysis, but the time for analysis becomes shorter and shorter after a while.
Instead, you move into the direction of meditation and integration. You are in a personal development with self-awareness.
Why you have to decide to change your personal development?
You create you experience in your mind. If you are not aware of this fact that you are the one having the same thoughts and feelings and that they are not opposed on you from outside, you will not be able to change.
The change will only occur, if you are sick and tired of your old habits and beliefs – the principle of saturation in action and this realization is the start of new habits, beliefs and goals.
Do not wait, but start now and go through all the fears, even if you are afraid. That will benefit you in the end to a new life with new goals.
Be specific and visualize your goals. See it for yourself. When you stop to have the old habits, thoughts, emotions and release, you will serve not only yourself, but you also serve all other people in the world.

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Manfred Johannsen

Main Areas: Self Improvement, talks or coaching.

Career Focus: Business Owner, Author. Working part time to help adult people with autism for the last 2 years.

Manfred Johannsen is the former founder of Vikima Seed , the leading multiplication vegetable seed companies in Scandinavia. Started from scratch and reaching more than 100 million US Dollars in total accumulated revenue during the years of ownership with the help of 2 partners and very devoted employees when sold 5 years back.

The company was founded in 1983. www.vikima-seed.com

He has a degree in international sales and marketing from Copenhagen Business School and has more than 30 years of experience in sales, marketing, management, and training.

He has always been interested in self-improvement and personal growth and began over 30 years ago,

Manfred is a self improvement man- and proud of it.

He lives and works in Europe, Denmark, with his wife, Lisa. They have 2 children, Mikkel a computer engineer and Lisbeth a student at University of Copenhagen.

Visiona is the name of his new company.

Manfred Johannsen coming 2 books:

Both books are selfgrowth books with regard to setting goals and finding your passion.

The first one is a descriptive version and the second book is a fiction book