We sometimes go through life in a dream-like state, never really connecting or being who we truly are. It is as if we are waiting for ourselves to begin or for our life to take form. It is this constant waiting that prevents us from taking the center stage in our life. The waiting for the right moment, for things to get better, or change, where does this get us? This kind of dissatisfaction leaves us not only wanting, but distant and not at peace in our own life. While we are waiting for things to change or get better, we are also left in a state of flux, and never really forming a commitment to our life. Why do we do this? Are we really so unsatisfied with ourselves and our lives? Do we expect better, and what are we waiting for? Only we truly know why or when we can begin our life. Meanwhile, it is passing us by, the days and years slowly meandering forth. While we wait, life keeps happening; while we dream, our lives keep going on.

What needs to happen in order to take charge of our lives is to look at what we have and who we are right now. We can and need to see ourselves right now. This is important, for in waiting, we never really take stock of ourselves and our life. It is important to look at ourselves full on and be aware of what we are in the moment we are in, for by waiting, we are not present in the moment. By looking at ourselves, we claim the moment, we gain presence, and we can begin to see what is real in our lives. Not that wanting or waiting is bad, but it is not truly real. We are what is real right now. The future holds no bounds for what may be, so in choosing to wait for what we can not control, we are living in a false way. Life is not ordered in the ways we like to believe, so to dream of tomorrows lacks our presence in today. For every moment we are preoccupied with tomorrow or our future is a moment we are absent from in our life. To take matters into your own hands is to claim now, as it is and for all it really is. Sometimes we lack the ability to see all the wonderful things we have now. How actually content we could be if we gave up the waiting. How impressive are lives are in this moment we are in, with nothing changing or being different.

When we allow ourselves to gain presence in now, sometimes our perspective on our life can change. We begin to see what is real not only in ourselves, but in the world around us and the life we are living. Give your life a chance right now by begin present with it. Stop thinking about tomorrow and what may be. Stop waiting for your agendas to be fulfilled. And most importantly, give now your attention. This is the only way to feel satisfied, not when something takes place or happens, but when you instead allow yourself to be present. For that is really all you are waiting for, that moment when you realize that now is okay, that it is exactly what you want. And you have that option to make now that moment. You have the power to give up the waiting and start living by looking at this very moment as the one you have been waiting for. Release the resistance to this life right now by accepting it as it is. Telling yourself that now is exactly as it should be and it is what you need. Not what tomorrow may bring or when it changes, but that right now is everything you need. This helps you to not only live as you are meant to, but gives you a sense of deep satisfaction and contentedness that you have been waiting for.

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