Determination and commitment are key words for winners. Winners live from the inside of their inner core and their essence.
Being a winner means, you are always a winner. You have always been a winner. You are already perfect. You are already as you should be.
You can always choose your road being a winner.
Your road is always a road of a winner.
You are open for eternal changes.
You yourself are always changing eternally.
All is in movement and under constant change in the universe.
You are not the same just 5 minutes ago. You cannot keep your thoughts. Decide to be open for everything and accept what is happening in the now.
Decide that you are the most valuable human being you know, because in fact you are only able to know yourself as human being.
You do not know the other from inside. However, you have arrived in this universe to make a difference and to leave a legacy. You must find out what this difference is in your life. You have to find your passion and live it.
Everything happening is good from a broader perspective, because you cannot for sure know what an action will result in. Therefore, what is in the now is only what is and nothing more.
Many people may irritate you. Why are they irritating you and what can you do to accept these people?
Make a choice without having to be emotionally engaged in it or have a negative reaction. Now you are free to judge your choice.
To be free to judge or criticize is to express that you are unlimited.
You are great that you are resting in your core, your essence.
You involve yourself with no special attitude or feeling, but you are an observer from your heart and can just observe without commenting further.
Let other people or events appear as they are. Actually, you know nothing about the road of other people in their life.
Why all things are just for rent and nothing is yours?
Be open to life. You are not able to change anything.
You own nothing in reality.
You cannot own anything.
Everything is for rent.
May be most of us are forgetting this in our daily life.
Your body, your partner, your house, your car, simply everything what you remember, you only have for rent for a short time.
If you put a lot of emotion in the stuff you own, you are limiting yourself. In the feeling of ownership is also a feeling of lack, a fear of losing. In fact, you are emphasizing the feelings of not owning and you are limiting what you actually have.
In addition, money is only for rent. If you do not take the advantage of spending your money in exchange of experiences, you have not understood their true function. Do not let the stuff you own govern you or attach to the stuff and you will be free.
For many people to own stuff means security. There is nothing wrong in owning things.
You must live life as rich as possible. However, you must remember that material stuff attach not to you in a psychological manner. You must have power over things and not the other way round. Otherwise, things will be a limitation and just like a prison for you.

Author's Bio: 

Manfred Johannsen
Seedsman and visionary collector of success stories
that support successful people and companies to achieve more success
Main Areas: Self Improvement, writing, talks or coaching.
Career Focus: Business Owner, Author.
He works part time to help adult people with autism.
Manfred Johannsen is the former founder of Vikima Seed, one of the main multiplication vegetable seed companies in the world of spinach seeds and other niche seeds products selling to more than 70 countries. Started from scratch and reaching more than 100 million US Dollars in total accumulated revenue during the 21 years of ownership with the help of two partners and very devoted employees when sold some years back.
The company was founded in 1983.

He has a degree in international sales and marketing from Copenhagen Business School and has more than 30 years of experience in sales, marketing, management, and training.

He has always been interested in self-improvement and personal growth and began over 30 years ago. Visiona is the name his new company and with a slogan: vision to evolution.
Manfred is a self improvement man- and proud of it.
He lives and works in Europe, Denmark, with his wife, Lisa. They have 2 children.

Manfred’s coming books:
Both books are selfgrowth books with regard to setting goals and finding your passion.
The first one is a descriptive version and the second book is a fiction book.