Sometimes we hold onto fear even after the moment has passed. We maintain this sense of fear because we still haven't let it go. What happens to us stays with us until we make a conscious effort to let it go. When we tense up in life, it could be because of a past fear, and not just the moment we are in. Fear can come from any moment in your past. When something in our life makes us feel afraid it can stay with us, until we let it go. We can carry this feeling with us always. It can spring up in us when we least expect it, for it is attached to our emotions and thoughts. It can be connected to our expectations of the moment we are in.

If you find yourself afraid in life, maybe even not of any particular thing, then look back on your life. At some point in your past were you faced with something that made you afraid? Did something happen that triggered this way of being in you? It could be from such an early stage as your childhood, or it could be more recent. Our emotions can stay with us until we heal from them and then let them go, especially fear, for one of its components is the fear of something happening again. We may not realize how it affects us, but it does. In order to let go, you have to see that where you are, who you are, and that this moment you are in is safe. No matter what, believe that it is safe, even if you try to argue otherwise, because you can only benefit from this, no matter the circumstances.

When we take matters into our own hands and start seeing life as something to be enjoyed, embraced and loved, we let go of fear. No matter its origins, fear will no longer have a home in us. Fear can feel like it controls us, but we can, at any moment, let it go because it only manifests if we let it. Believe that fear is a component from your past, that it is no longer beneficial to you. No matter what the future may bring, fear has no place in it. It can be this simple.

It is our thoughts that let our emotions take control of us. When we fear what may be, we will experience life this way. What was in our life belongs in our past, and we need to see ourselves this way. When we let go, we stop expecting our fears to manifest. Believe that you are okay, safe and protected, and just fine as you are. Stop seeing the future as something to fear, for there is nothing really there. We can only exist in this moment, and the state you are in now is how you will experience life. We can let go so that we can not only be present, but also free of fear. Let go. Release this old way of being in favor of being relaxed, at ease, and comfortable with all that is unknown. for that is life. It is one moment to the next, unseen, unknown and, best of all, it is full of promise. Let your past fears go by believing you are safe right now and that is all you need to live life without it.

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