Make a decision that you will experience joy in everything you do.
Be sure to wake up every morning and say to yourself that today you decide to be joyful.
Do not get out of bed before you have this feeling of joy, because with this decision and feeling your day will be in a much lighter light and easier than without.
When you discipline yourself, keep your promises to yourself, and keep on going to your essence, you will enjoy life.
You need to have this desire and faith to begin your change.
You begin to remove all the mud and throw layer after layer of mud away until you get to the core that you are.
Then you can start to polish your inner essence of pure diamond.
You receive a glimpse of something more.
It does not matter where you practice your own internal development, but it is vital that it is your own opinion on what works for you and not others.
This means ultimately that you become whole.
Everything is as it should be. It is not to protect yourself, but about being open and vulnerable in your heart.
When you are not forced to respond, then you are free with your own response and not bound by your emotions.
You experience joy every day. However, you cannot avoid the experience of other feelings during the day. Why?
Because you identify with your pain and suffering, you remember it.
It is your habitual reaction. The same story you tell yourself repeatedly. Be aware of the fact that when you are discovering pain again, you are also able to discover joy and happiness again.
You interpret your own experience 100%. You always have a choice and can decide which window of life you want to look through – whether it is joy or pain.

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Main Areas: Self Improvement, writing, talks or coaching, joint venture facilitator to support people and companies to achieve more leads and success through joint venture partnerships.
Career Focus: Business Owner, Author, Joint Venture Facilitator.

He works part time to help adult people with autism.

The World’s Number One in his Niche.

Manfred Johannsen is the former founder of Vikima Seed, one of the main multiplication vegetable seed companies in the world of spinach seeds and other niche seeds products selling to more than 70 countries.
Started from scratch and reaching more than 100 million US Dollars in total accumulated revenue during the 21 years of ownership with the help of two partners and very devoted employees when sold some years back.

Feeding the planet Earth for 30 days.

He calculated once the impact of the total production per year and the conclusion was that the company could feed the whole planet Earth from 30 days, if all produced vegetable seeds grew to fully matured products under optimal conditions.
The company was founded in 1983.

He has a degree in international sales and marketing from Copenhagen Business School and has more than 30 years of experience in sales, marketing, management, and training.

Personal Development.

He has always been interested in self-improvement and personal growth, personal development and began over 30 years ago.
Meditation is one of the tools he uses to have access to inspiration, creativity, stillness, being and the now.
Consciousness about mindset, beliefs, habits, emotions, behavior and being aware of the now is one of his daily routines.
Taking care of his self-esteem and self-confidence and looking at fears or doubts.
Continuously working and improving his skills and knowledge as well as looking at his passion, purpose, values and setting new goals for his life plan and personal development plan on all seven main areas for a life with joy.
The seven areas include a plan for money, relationships, career, creativity, health, society and personal development.
He has an education as a Reiki healer and a sound healer.

Helping Children.

He is also helping a nonprofit foundation, Sunway Children, to help about 80 children in Northern India who have lost one or both parents, and being low caste or without caste, giving the children a home.
Manfred is a self-improvement man- and proud of it.
He lives and works in Europe, Denmark, with his wife, Lisa. They have 2 children.

Manfred’s book: YOUR PATH TO SUCCESS.
A self-growth and self-help fiction book.
Learn to set new goals and finding your passions, values and purpose.