Struggling to get the law of attraction to work for you? Here are 10 reasons why it isn't and how you can make it work.

1 Your request wasn't clear and specific.

You can’t go to a restaurant and ask the waiter for “food”. He needs you to order something specific and it’s the same with the Law of Attraction. For example instead of asking for a job, you could ask for “a 30hr per week job doing something that you enjoy with a great boss and co-workers and a salary of $50k per year or more.” I did this once, asking only for a specific salary. I got the job with the salary I wanted, but unfortunately I didn't ask for a nice boss!

2 You didn't visualise it.

After you are clear on what exactly it is that you want, you need to visualise it. Imagine yourself having it. Feel the feelings having it would give you. Imagine with all your senses – sight, sound, touch, smell and taste. Kids are good at this! As an example let’s say you want a holiday in the Maldives. In your vision see the white sand and crystal blue water. Hear the waves and the seagulls. Feel the sand under your toes and the warm water. Also play out the whole thing, like booking your tickets, packing your suitcase, flying on the plane, the people you are going with etc. Feel the emotions that go with it – excitement, happiness contentment etc.

3 You didn't believe it was really possible.

You either didn't really believe in the law of attraction (whether consciously or subconsciously), or you didn't believe that this specific thing you are asking for could happen. Not believing in it blocks you from attracting it.
We know the law of attraction is real. It is scientifically proven. But maybe deep down we still don’t believe it because we were raised to believe in the old Newtonian view of reality. Study the science behind it. Try to start smaller. It is possible to get the big things, and I’m not saying to limit yourself in any way. But if you are struggling with that, then you could try asking for something smaller and when you get it ask for more, then work your way up as your faith builds.

4 You felt you were undeserving of it

You are worthy! You are so deserving of everything you desire. Other people that are successful, rich and happy – are not better than you. All of us are equally valuable, important and worthy. We all have our own unique gifts, talents, and necessary contribution to this world. It is why you were born. There is no-one like you, you are irreplaceable. You are meant to grow to your full potential. Know that you are loved. Work on your self-confidence, and forgive yourself for the mistakes you have made. We all make mistakes, we all have our weaknesses. Remember “there is no failure, only feedback.”

5 You didn't allow it, accept it or take action

You need to allow the creation process to do its thing. Don’t try to force it to happen, don’t require it to happen the way you want it to, and don’t keep checking on it. What you ask for could happen (and probably will happen) in a way that you never guessed it would. Trust that God (or the source of life, universe, whatever you call it) knows more than you, knows everything actually, and has the power to make it happen.
Don’t be afraid to accept the opportunities that manifest for you.
Take action when you feel inspired. Do the things that make sense to get you closer to what you want. Also grow yourself to be the person you need to be to have those things if necessary.

6 You don’t believe you already have it

If believe it is yours, it is real in the spiritual realm. The spiritual or energetic reality is in fact more real than our physical illusion of reality. Know that it is yours, imagine your name is written on it and it’s on its way to you. Own it. Be as sure as when you order something to get delivered in the mail. Even though you are not holding it in your hands, you know it exists, it’s yours and it will be here soon.

“Whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.” ~ Jesus

7 It was something you didn't really want, or part of you didn't want it

Maybe you asked for 1 million bucks, a Ferrari, and some new shoes. But maybe that’s not what you really wanted. Maybe it was what you think those things will give you that you wanted. Maybe it was freedom to do what you want to do, maybe it was to have status so people would like you more? Ask yourself what is the reason behind what you are asking for and what you really want.

8 Your real intention was to escape something that you didn't want.

“One often meets his destiny on the road he takes to avoid it.” ~ Master Oogway

Your real reason for asking for a situation is because you hate the situation you are in. With this feeling you will never manifest a better situation. You will continue manifesting what you are fighting against. You must not fear the things you don’t want, have faith that you will receive what you need. Be content and trust that everything will work out and then work on creating something new. Make sure what you are asking for is something you really want and are excited about! Be grateful for the good things that you have now as well, because what we are grateful for increases.

9 Your thoughts/feelings were negative most of the time.

You have negative thoughts running through your mind or negative beliefs. These can be stubborn. Negative beliefs usually come from your childhood and you need to change those. EFT is a good way to change them. Negative thought patterns can be changed by becoming aware of the thoughts popping up in our mind and asking yourself, is it true? Is it empowering or dis-empowering you? If the answer is no, reject those thoughts and replace them with positive ones. Using daily affirmations can help with this. Also be mindful of what you are putting in your mind. Avoid negativity such as negative people, negative media such as the news, violent tv and movies, songs with negative lyrics. Surround yourself with positivity. Do things that make you happy, be around positive people, listen to positive music, movies, books and of course practice gratitude every day.

10 What you were asking for wasn't for your greatest good or would have been in the way of your greatest good and life purpose.

The universe (or source, or God as I like to call Him) wants the best for you: to fulfill your purpose, reach your full potential, and to be deeply happy. Sometimes He sends our way challenges and things we don’t understand in order to bring us closer to our purpose, or the things we are asking for. If the things you are asking for is something that will get in the way of your purpose, or greater good, those are the only things you can’t have.
Make sure what you are asking is essentially good, loving and truly what you want. Sometimes you will get a feeling like you are aligned and connected with God (or source). You will feel a knowing that it is yours, and it is right for you. When I get that feeling, I always get the thing I was asking for without fail. I love that feeling! If it is wrong you may feel like something is not quite right as well. If you’re not sure, you can try asking anyway, then have faith that you are cared for and decide to be at peace whether you get it or not. Sometimes being afraid of not getting it is all that is stopping you from getting it, so do not fear. Trust.

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Melissa J Magnus
Empowering Mothers online
Cert. Life Coach, NLP Practitioner and Law of Attraction Practitioner.