The Sixth Sense is something that is usually misunderstood. Many see it simply as intuition. And it is as you are first developing your Sixth Sense. You will find that you have an inner knowing, a sense of direction that you never had before. You might find that time after time you are in the right place at the right time.

Others see the Sixth Sense as it is portrayed as a 'super-power' in Hollywood movies. Characters will have incredible psychic powers, premonitions and mind control. In fact, the Sixth Sense includes all of those things. You can develop your intuition and other abilities such as telepathy. But the Sixth Sense is much more than that. When you learn to turn your Sixth Sense abilities inward, you will discover that the true power of the Sixth Sense is that:

The Sixth Sense is the missing link to spiritual awakening and enlightenment.

Most schools of thought view the Sixth Sense and spirituality as two separate and unrelated paths. In fact, in most spiritual and religious organizations, developing the Sixth Sense is actively discouraged. And yet it is the component that allows you to jump into higher states of consciousness.

Eric Pepin of Higher Balance Institute spent much of his childhood doing incredible psychic work and found through personal experience that these abilities allowed him to develop spiritually and leap into higher states of consciousness.

He discovered what the other schools of thought have been missing. Our five senses: sight, touch, taste, smell and hearing, do not allow us to directly perceive God or the Universe. They limit us to this physical dimension. The Universe is energy and in order to perceive this energy, to communicate with it, the Sixth Sense is needed.

The Sixth Sense is still a part of your organic body and is as natural as the other five senses. So, while real life may not be like Hollywood, you will still find that developing your Sixth Sense will lead you to experience some pretty profound abilities and phenomenon. But more importantly, the Sixth Sense will give you the tools to 'speak' the language of energy, the language of the Universe.

As you to master this new language, you will bridge the gap to developing Multi-Dimensional Consciousness. The old spiritual masters have all said that 'Life is an Illusion.' The Sixth Sense is what gives you the ability to see past the illusion. It allows you to see the programs that create reality the same way the spiritual masters of the past have done.

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Higher Balance Institute is the official creator of the worlds first and most advanced meditation system for the sixth sense. Designed to produce direct, real personal paranormal experiences to learn from. Our mission is simple - to awaken the world one mind at a time.