Instagram reels are 30 second videos which include text, music, stickers, and also some other effects. The reel update also includes sharing and exploring of various short clips and also users can access the reel feed from the explore page of Instagram. Reels is introduced with 15 second temporary videos in stories, one minute videos to your grid and long video is accessed with the help of IGTV. In today's digital world, there are various new tools and techniques introduced and trends explode overnight. Instagram reels are also a part of it. Instagram reels is an addictive formula to attract and engage users and now it is used as a strategy for business development. You can learn new trends on Instagram at Digital Marketing Courses in Pune. Instagram reels get 70% more engagement than regular videos.
So if in 2022 you are still not using Instagram reels, here are some reasons why you need to use it.
Reach – The engagement of normal video or post is less than 3 to 4%, but as reels get more engagement due to its explore feature you get on Instagram.
Engaging content – It is important to create creative content which can engage users on Instagram and also content should be updated to remain relevant and to increase business online. Reels when done right, they are catchy, funny and creative get more views, shares and comment on Instagram which ultimately leads to engaging several users at a time. To know more about content enroll yourself at Digital Marketing Classes in Pimpri Chinchwad.
Get into the explore page – To get more leads many of you try to find the right hashtag for the post, but now you don’t need to because Instagram reels made it easier to make it onto the explore page which will help your business grow and increase sales. Making into the explore page is something every creator/business aspires to do and then reels are the best option to get into the explore page.
Reels can be monetized – Instagram reels will help you gain reach, impressions and engagement and which will translate into increasing in brand awareness, visibility and conversions by following sales funnel strategy.
To conclude, there are 1 billion monthly active users on Instagram and this figure is continuing to grow day by day and these 1 billion active users can see the reels on the explore page and also in their own feed. So to attract more users towards your business you need to create creative reels including some catchy text for your audience to see. Reels is the option offering users and businesses an opportunity to reach towards new users and turn them into your loyal followers/customers. Join Best digital marketing training in Pune to take your career into a Digital Marketing world!

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