When you are an upcoming entrepreneur, you always need a role model or a mentor to guide you through your journey. This is because they are unbiased in their opinion, have relevant experience, and they will guide you climb the ladder of success in your business.

A business mentor is a person who has more entrepreneurial business experience that he has gained over time. They can provide information about the latest trends, business news, opportunities, and developments. They help you develop leadership skills and the essential soft skills required for flourishing in your business.

However, small business owners who want to expand their business are always on the run, looking at various industry facets that will help them save costs. Be it free software, free app subscriptions, or free networking meetings, they always manage to find loopholes that will help them gain such free wealth. Likely, mentoring is offered in both free and paid ways, but you might want to put your hand into the pocket when you are looking out for a business mentor. Getting a great mentor is a significant investment for your business and preferably not the right place to save a few bucks.

Here are some reasons that highlight why paid mentoring is better than free mentoring.

You get Instant Access.

When you want to connect with a mentor, you want someone really successful in their respective industry. If that person happens to be a voluntary mentor, and you somehow manage to connect with that person, he or she might be running a hectic schedule, and hence, you will end up trying to convince them to help you out when they are free.

This window of free time that they get will seldom be according to your schedule as they might have other aspects to attend to. Due to their highly demanding work timetable, it won't be easy to schedule meetings at your convenience. So, it is very evident that there will be a lot of rescheduling in such a voluntary service, which will mess with your timeline of growth.

Instead, you will get access to more regular and scheduled contact if you select paid mentor service. This is because paid mentorship is a win-win situation for both parties as the time the mentors invest in mentoring you is being compensated with what you pay them. Hence, you will have access to thorough learning. They definitely will be more accessible and reliable, which will ultimately lead to better results.

You can show your True Self.

If you managed to get access to a very successful and reputable business person, you might find yourself trying to show them only the positives outcomes of your work as a mentee. You might fall into the trap of trying to impress your business mentor by hiding your flaws and setbacks. In front of such an esteemed personality, you will always want to appear successful and tremendously functional so that they become interested and invested in helping you.

But when it comes to paid business mentors, you can let your guard down. You can portray your raw self, sharing all your difficulties, doubts, and challenges. You are ensured to get the most out of these sessions as you are paying for their time. So they will help you shape your business and yourself to achieve your goals from scratch. You don't need to portray yourself as an already established individual with a successful business.

There is a sense of comfort while showing your setbacks and failures to someone who will willingly analyze your difficulties. As Robert.H. Schuller suggested, "It's always better to do something imperfectly than doing nothing flawlessly." What better way to learn how to run a successful business than to learn through failure, right?

Pre-qualified Business Mentors.

Always remember: nothing comes for free; everything always comes with a price. That cost might seem intangible right now but will lead to harm later. The same rule applies to when you are on a quest to find a free or voluntary business mentor. You need to be careful that you do not end up with a mentor who is unable to help you.

Now, a few good voluntary business mentors are doing a good deed by giving their time and helping someone out, but that is not always the case. Sometimes, a mentor's charisma, their vibe, or simply their presence might seem a significant factor to you, but it's always the mentor's experience, connections, and proven business acumen that are the more crucial. Remember any experienced business consultant or mentor has invested years to reach a position of high respect and credibility.

Remember, a qualified business mentor is someone who can provide you and your business with the most relevant and best guidance, and not just someone who you connect with. Let us help you to bring the best of both paid and free business mentoring. Whether you are just starting or expanding your business, you can always sign up to avail of three free online, one-to-one sessions before committing to your goal entirely.

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Jupiter Business Mentors (JBM) is a platform dedicated to fostering the start-up community and small & medium business enterprises with an access to experienced executives and industry experts from various areas of business, in the UAE and across the Middle East region, with plans in pipeline to have global mentors listed on the platform. You can reach us on jupiterbusinessmentors.com