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The majority of people aren't aware of this but most probiotics do not work. In fact, in several recent studies, over 90% of store brands were found to be ineffective...even professional brands often do not pass rigorous testing here's why:

The "Acid Test"!

High stomach acid levels are necessary to break down foods and this is good for you but bad for most probiotics as the delivery systems are insufficient to prevent the acid from disabling them...they then die off in minutes to hours in most cases!

In even quality products, the few proflora organisims that survive don't make it to the large intestine. It takes a fail safe delivery system to ensure that.

Most people are in need of specific flora in the microbiome of the gut and generic products may not be correct for their body's needs. If the body perceives an overabundance of something it simply stops absorbing it...this biofeedback mechanism exists to prevent problems of toxicity from developing.

Many people have guts which are so inflammed due to disease, infection, allergies etc. that the gut itself is inhospitable to most products. Overgrowths of competing "bad" bacteria can essentially lock out good bacteria from implanting.

Many, many billions of diverse microorganisms are needed to help recreate a healthy microbiome and most products do not supply enough.

Lastly, flora products are exceedingly fragile and require a commitment to proper shipment and temperature. This doesn't happen often.

It is HARD work to truly grow this primary system for your body and it takes a commitment and usually testing to accomplish it. It takes looking a the clients current status, and then building treatments for all the above factors to accomplish this. It will not happen with one product or in a few months.

Additionally, people need to make other lifestyle changes to facilitate a welcoming atmosphere to good friendly flora. It can be done but it takes my typical client at least a year of work to reap the benefits. They will be the first to tell you though, how rewarding that is!

I test and retest each clients microbiome to ensure they are improving internally, not just clinically. Products, I use in my clinic have stood these rigorous tests...

Additionally, we change protocols regularly as diversity is the name of the game in correcting the gut...the more different strains of bacteria one has the better...this is also a function of prebiotic supplements and beneficial foods such as kimchi, sauerkraut, kefir, kombucha, miso, vegemite and many more...

If you are having problems with your gut, and health I encourage you to contact me for a the very least you will learn a great deal.

Best of Health!

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