Technology has allowed customers to take power with their purchases. It has given them a lot more space to custom-make the product or service of their own liking. In fact, this has been made possible in areas where no self-customization was initially thought to be possible. You could customize your burgers, salads, clothes, cakes, and hairstyles, etc., but never thought that clients would be allowed to customize the more technical tech like conveyor belts. Of course, if you have enough budget, you could pay the producer to configure the conveyor belt the way you like, but in reality, it is not possible for everyone to do.

However, companies like Montech AG are now offering the customers an amazing cost-free opportunity to configure the conveyor belts the way they like it. Found in 1963 by Kurt Benz and Heinz Pfeiffer, Montech AG strives to introduce innovation in the automation industry. They are usually seen working for airports, and other industries like cosmetics, medical, packaging, plastics, vision systems, and automotive.

The company usually offers the basic modular components that help automate the demanding logistics and production. A lot of its products mostly include the conventional conveyor belts, customized and standard transport systems along with the conveyor systems. They also offer configurable and usual conveyors that include basic, Minidrive, and max conveyors. They have solar conveyors, conveyors for cleanrooms, multitrack conveyors, and vacuum conveyors.

What sets Montech AG off from its competitors is that it offers a combination of customer specific solution that also comes infused with a high degree of standardization. Their flexibility is their greatest advantage as they target great focus into knowing what their customers really want.

So what is the deal with their amazing configuration technology?

Marching on with their promise to give the customers what they want, Montech AG seems to be going above and beyond to give the companies their liberty with the conveyor belts. They have now introduced an online configuration system for the conveyor belt that is available 24/7 365. Montech AG has also developed a system that guarantees solutions that customers are looking for. To be specific, you can customize their conveyor belt models TB30 and TB40.

After having made your account on the website, you can opt for the conveyor you wish to purchase. You will find a configuration option to start the process. The procedure is smartly established, and each of the nine steps is extremely intuitive about the customer’s answer. For each part of the conveyor belt, you will be allowed to choose from several options. Once you get the full price of the designed conveyor belt, all you have to do is press the order button, and wait for a representative of the company to contact you.

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