Men are biologically different to women, and yet so many women seem to have no idea why their partners act the way they do. The very biological differences that draw so many people together are also sometimes the very things that can drive them apart.

Biologically, men have almost the opposite hormonal make-up to women. What can trigger stress in a woman can actually be a calming factor for men, and vice versa.

A good example of this is a man's testosterone levels. When a man is stressed, he'll purposely seek out activities that will increase his testosterone levels further. This could be watching something on TV that makes his brain get into "problem solving" mode, or it could be fixing or repairing something, or any number of things.

When he's built up his testosterone levels, his stress levels go right down and he's happier with the world.

Unfortunately, because women can actually increase their stress levels when their own testosterone levels rise, they can't always
understand a man's need
 to do the things they do or act the way they act.

Another instance that many women find confusing about the way men act is when the romance and affection begins to fade out of the relationship. He might have been super-affectionate at the beginning of the relationship, but these days he seems to only touch her when he wants sex.

When you think about how his testosterone levels work, he would have been in full "problem solving" mode during the beginning of the relationship. He was working on solving the problem of how to make you love him and stay with him.

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Of course, once he managed to solve that problem, he's moved onto the next problem to be fixed. That might be getting a promotion so he can bring home more money, or finding ways to pay the mortgage, or worrying about repairing that leaking roof.

To a man, being a good provider for the woman he loves releases far more testosterone into his system, which reduces his stress levels and makes him feel happier.

While women might not fully understand this, it's a good idea to remember that men don't usually understand why women act the way they do either.

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