The lifeblood of any business is good marketing practices. a good marketing program builds awareness, which is important to lets potential buyer find out as much as possible about your products and or services. Just like with a bricks and mortar business, marketing is key. No matter what your selling, a product, a service, an individual, a sporting event or yourself, an aggressive marketing plan will be most benificial.

The internet is thought to be a media that will allow prospective customers will offer day after day. However, the truth is that you need to attract those looking to purchase you offer to your sales page first. Simply posting an offer will get you nowhere.

I have build some awesome websites over the years. Websites that were appealing to the eye, and designed to sell, but, as often happens I got side tracked by another project or something. Losing focus, I never developed a marketing plan or even more important, I never instutitued a marketing plan. Guess what happen then. If you guessed nothing, your absolutely tight. Nothing done equal nothing happening.

Follow through and focus are so very, very important. Develope you marketing stragey and carry though with it. No matter if you choose email marketing, article, videos or what have you, be consistant.

Once you start seeing some consistant income from your efforts then and only then you can maybe move onto your next project. Effective Internet marketing can deliver significant results.

Traditional methods of marketing offline although get they same results can take time to determine how well it works. The single most inportant advantages of marketing online is the speed at which new marketing strategies can be put to test. As an example, analysing how effective a pay per click campaign is can be determined in as little as a single day. Campaigns such as these can promote the smallest businesses right up there with the leaders in any industry creating a more level playing field for everyone.

Even though PPC (pay per click) is a productive channel to market, There are many other marketing sources available and it is a good idea to try them out, experience will help you decide what works best for you in the niche your promoting.

Slow and Steady as we forge ahead

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Michael Ellis, Mediocre Marketer

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Medoicre Marketer, Michael has been internet marketing for many years and enjoys the occassional idea that he can somehow make a difference.