According to research by the DMA 90% of all companies in the UK are using email marketing, perhaps it is no wonder that they describe it as a new here for troubled financial times. Email marketing will only continue to grow with most companies increasing spend on this aspect of their marketing year on year. We all know that the big boys have been at it for years, but how can your business benefit from email marketing?

There any many ways that email marketing stands out when compared to traditional direct marketing, here are the three main areas:

Cost benefits, there is no other direct marketing technique that is as cheap as email marketing. In addition to this, you have the added flexibility of starting as big or as small as you like, you control what proportion of your budget you dedicate to email marketing, with few email marketing companies having a minimum spend.

ROI, email marketing has constantly shown greater return on investment than any other form of direct marketing. This is partly because of cost; you arent spending as much in the first place, but the flexibility of the medium also has an impact. The ability to create targeted email marketing campaigns means you can tailor communication to suit the needs of your customers. Email marketing is also a great way to maintain the relationship with your existing customers and to make them aware of offers. You should see a good ROI on properly executed email marketing campaigns, experience will help you avoid the potential pitfalls. You dont have to go it alone on your first email marketing campaigns, expert advice is available.

Transparency, you will find no more trackable form of direct marketing than an email marketing campaign. You are able to track every opened email, every click, every email shared right through to the sale. This differs massively from a direct mail shot where no one can tell you how many went straight into the bin.

Tracking your campaign doesnt just show you successful areas either, you can see places where improvement is needed too. This allows you to learn from experience and use that feedback to tailor your email activity to your customers needs.

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