Any startup business looking to make it big relies on marketing. One of the best ways to market is via email. Whether you are sending bulk emails or curating a newsletter with select info on your products and services, you need email services that your clients can trust. If you do not have secured emailing, they are not likely to return your emails and give you the business that you want.

Securing your email services starts with securing your email domain server with DMARC. This crucial email security protocol helps you control your domain in the right way. It provides anti-spoofing, and traffic data and provides many other benefits. Here’s a detailed look at DMARC and how it is important for startup businesses:

5 Things That Make DMARC Important for Startups

Email Security

DMARC provides your entire email domain with complete outgoing and incoming email security. That means all emails coming from your domain and sent to any internal or external inbox will get protected via the DMARC record on your server. This lends a lot of power to you against all kinds of phishing scams perpetrated via email. These include business email compromise, vendor email compromise, and other kinds of spear phishing attacks. Naturally, this is a great benefit for a startup since this lets you focus on delivering high-quality content via your emails and getting more business revenue.

Domain Reputation Increase

Increasing your email domain reputation as a startup is a crucial part of marking your business stand out as a legitimate enterprise. This helps you in many ways including email marketing which is a great way to build your brand across multiple channels. In fact, if you do your email marketing right, you can create a lynchpin for all your business-related activities as well as social media-based community building. All of this can be made much more effective if you have the right email domain value to leverage in the market. Using DMARC to secure your email domain and making sure it cannot be used to phish legit individuals and businesses is the best way to rank up your domain fast.

Email Spoofing Protection

Email spoofing often forms the foundation of most email-based attacks. Any hackers using your legitimate domain to phish for victims will invariably cause damage to your business prospects. This means you must protect yourself against these actors so that your emails do not get a bad reputation. Plus, you can protect your own internal communications that are being routed through these vulnerable servers. That way, no one can use your domain to phish for a key login credential or financial information from employees. This is a crucial element of email protection that will improve your business process volume and flow. That is why using a dedicated app to cover your email domain from spoofing is one of the first steps you should take.

Domain Data Misuse

Domain misuse is a common problem among startups because they do not invest enough in their IT security. However, when it comes to email, this is crucial since more abuse comes by way of email domain exploits. So, getting the right cover can help you understand how the misuse is happening, where it is coming from, and what it means for your business. All of this data is available through apps like EmailAuth that can help you get DMARC data and information on the biggest abusers of your domain. This can help you create a threat profile and generate greater protection against malicious actors for yourself and your broad client base.

Optimal Server Security

Protecting your email domain server is important for many reasons aside from what we’ve mentioned in this article. The best way to do so is to secure your domain with DMARC’s reliable email authentication policies. These can help you regulate your traffic and find the best way to control your outgoing emails such that you get the best value from every email sent. This is particularly true for all kinds of email marketing activities ranging from selected to bulk emails.

Should You Get EmailAuth for DMARC Implementation for Your Startup?

EmailAuth is a premier DMARC implementation tool that makes use of this protocol to give your business some serious email protection advantages. It is designed with an intuitive approach which makes accessing critical domain-related data, managing policy structures, and getting the most out of DMARC an easy process. This also means that you spend less time digging through tedious and complicated data reports in hard-to-read formats. Get EmailAuth now and make the most of your DMARC email authentication protocols for enhanced email reputation and marketing value!

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