We all know that websites continue to be one of the most productive and reliable sources for organizations, the world over, to promote their businesses and products. However, it’s not just about how strong and secure, a web application is. Customers equally look at how responsive, a particular web application is. By Responsive, we don’t just mean how much time it takes to load initially and how quick is the transition, in between pages. Responsive also relates to how well the application works with and adjusts to a variety of electronic devices with varied screen sizes.

We have come across various frameworks which are prominently used to build web applications. But one framework, which fits the bill most and works wonderfully well, is AngularJS. AngularJS Development is being preferred by most organizations as far as responsive web development goes and as a result, AngularJS developers are in great demand. But why exactly is AngularJS been a preferred choice? Reasons are not one, but many.

The Phenomenon called AngularJS

What more do we need, to convince ourselves about the abilities of the AngularJS framework, than the fact that it is maintained by none other than Google! But frankly speaking, this is not the only reason why AngularJS web development, has gained a lot of traction for the developer community, over the years. Apart from it being a front end, open source JavaScript framework, it is the amazing features it brings to web application development.

Despite of so many web development technologies around, it is the simplicity, quality and efficiency of AngularJS, that has left developers with no other choice, for a responsive web app development.
Additionally, AngularJS Developers have continued to benefit immensely from this framework as it,

Facilitates Better Programming Practices

Many organizations these days look to hire AngularJS developers, as it has some incredible features that support better programming practices. Some of these include directives that support reusable components and the REST API connection to servers, which use lesser bandwidth and enables HTTP requests, for efficient data handling process.

Faster Development Process

The AngularJS web development helps in faster development of apps with fewer efforts. With responsive development calling for compatibility across various devices, AngularJS developers possess the desired skillets, to achieve the final objective for the companies. In addition, implementing the two way data binding process and saving data to the server requires you to write only a few lines of code in AngularJS as compared to some of the other frameworks.

Ensures a secured web application development

At any given stage, web applications are prone to cyber-attacks and as such, data security continues to be one of the major concerns for companies. However, with AngularJS web development, these concerns are addressed to a great extent, as it uses the HTTP interface, either in the form of a web service or a REST API, as discussed a little while earlier in this article. AngularJS developers have also found it to be very flexible as it allows the user to integrate third-party security systems with your existing Angular application.

Easy to collaborate

Generally it’s the teamwork that matters for the success of any given project, including a responsive web app development project. Apart from AngularJS developers being subjected to lots of technical challenges, they have to collaborate with the entire team, to ensure a smooth process. With an ability to share components within the team, the Dependency Injection feature, associated with the AngularJS web application development process, has excited the developer community by making collaboration very easy.

Enables real time testing

A given application might be subjected to changes at any stage with a view to optimize performance and also to address issues, if any. Where AngularJS web development process is a big plus is during periodic testing as it supports real-time testing. The AnglarJS framework comes with in-built modules to facilitate a comprehensive testing for each and every module you develop.

Facilitates maximum use of existing data

AngularJS developers are always at an advantage compared to some of the other popularly used web development frameworks as they applications allow you to access your existing database without any restrictions, thanks largely to the RESTful APIs This is considered one of the primary advantages of AngularJS that leads to its popularity.

Code Reusability Option

This is a fascinating prospect for AngularJS developers. Code reusability is yet another feature which attracts developers as they can reuse the code. This is advantageous especially while building complex, responsive, enterprise level web applications. It also ensures faster completion and easy implementation.

Uninterrupted and flawless design

AngularJS gives developers an opportunity to work on a more advanced framework with the option to add Markup, which can be used to identify elements, within a document, without necessarily having to break the entire application. This can be done by re-organizing the specific portions of code easily and conveniently.

Wrap Up

The benefits with AngularJS web app development are evident. Especially when it comes to a responsive web app development requirement, AngularJS development has a simple architecture with facilities for improved design. In addition, the code reusability and dependency injection features, add to the stability and security of the application, which is there for every AngularJS developer to experience. All in all,it provides all the win-win benefits with efficient features and productive methods. AngularJs Developers are helped with the smooth web application development framework which allows easy and effective responsive web application development.

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Jitesh Jain heads the technical department at DeveloperonRent and leads a well-furnished team of application developers. Jitesh has extensive experience in man-management and is technically sound to bring out the best output from his team.