It is no hidden fact that content is the most important thing for SEO or Search Engine Optimisation. Every blog content writer is aware that it is essential to write a top-notch blog to attract both visitors and search engines. However, it is necessary to state that content alone is not responsible for attracting search engines. Internal linking supports SEO by increasing traffic to your website pages. Internal linking is very crucial to every website as it assists in establishing site architecture. In this post, we will learn about interlinking's advantages in detail, but let us know what interlinking is.

What is Interlinking using keywords for SEO?

Internal links is a link from one page on the website to another. The search engines, as well as the visitors, use links to search content on any website. Visitors use links to navigate the website to find the content they are looking for. Your users will not find the page they are looking for if there are no links.

There are various kinds of internal links like homepage, post feed, menu, etc.
The higher links a page receives, the more critical it will be to the search engines. By adding relevant internal links, people use their blog for content marketing which eventually reap multiple benefits. Thus good interlinking is essential for SEO.

Understanding the Importance Of Interlinking
So we now know that interlinking is crucial for any website, but why is it so? Let us now understand why interlinking is vital for your website.

Internal linking helps in improving the usability
Internal linking helps the users in navigating through your site. If the Blog writing services use user-friendly and proper links in the blogs or articles, it will ease the visitor's navigation making your website more approachable. The anchor texts should point to related and relevant content that will attract your visitors' interest.

Interlinking allows the 'link juice' to spread
When you focus on external links, you will have to go through the hassle of building authority from other sites. However, internal linking helps spread the juice to different pages of your website. You need to insert backlinks to some relevant page on your site during blog content writing. This will prevent the visitors from bouncing off, and they will end up spending much time on your website. Moreover, this technique will eventually spread the 'link juice' and boost your website's rank on the SERPs.

Interlinking Increases The Page Views
Good quality anchor texts can help the users navigate through your website. If your website's content is relevant to the visitors, they may click on the internal links you provide to read more articles. If there are relevant links in your article, the visitors will engage with more and more content on your website, thus increasing the page views. Therefore it is also crucial for you to hire excellent and experienced blog content writers.

Interlinking Helps The Page Rank
A page rank is a metric used to measure the importance of web pages. Google uses page rank as the ranking factor. A web page with a high page rank will benefit its page rank by spreading the link juice to different relevant pages on its website. The interlinked pages will benefit, and their rankings will boost up.

It is impossible to rank without links! A good interlinking strategy will make the relevant content visible to your visitors, which will eventually increase your page views and page rank.

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