Why In The World Would You Defend Andrew Wakefield?
By Susan Lynn Perry @ The Mother Cub Show

This is not the first time I’ve been accused of being crazy. And I’m certain it won’t be the last. That question was actually put to me a few days ago. A person, who shall for now remain name-less, questioned me exactly like that (with a bit of ridiculous arrogance, if you ask me).

“Why in the world would you defend Andy Wakefield?”

And I told him, “Because I believe he’s been wrongly accused and persecuted for the sake of the profiteers and at the expense of our children. They have made an example out of him so other doctors would be too scared to question the safety of vaccines - even though many of those same doctors agree with Dr. Wakefield.” Well, needless to say, this person I was talking to wisely chose to change the subject at that delicate point in our conversation.

I had the honor and privilege to interview Dr. Andrew Wakefield this week on my weekly radio show, The Mother Cub Show – All About Autism on WorldTalk Radio. It was an emotional interview for me, because I’m the parent of a son who regressed into autism right after his first MMR shot. I’m one of many other parents out there who had a normally developing child for the first glorious year of his life, only to stand by helplessly and watch his health deteriorate before my eyes for the next three long, agonizing and painful years.

It’s clear to me that the MMR shot must have had something to do with that. I’m not saying it completely caused my son’s autism. I’m not saying that at all. But it certainly played a part. It may have been the tipping point in his little body that sent his immune system over the edge. And from that point forward, he was sick every week with one infection after another. He went from bronchitis, to flu, to vomiting, to ear infections, to diarrhea, to constipation – week after week after week.

And his doctor, who seemed completely unconcerned about the sheer multitude of illnesses this child continuously presented with, simply put him on one antibiotic after another – week after week after week. And when I questioned him, he shrugged me off as an overprotective mother. And even when my son was sick, he continued to load him up with the next vaccination and the next, because (in his words) “if we wait until your child is healthy, he won’t ever get caught up on his shots”.

And when I questioned him about my son possibly having autism, he said, “Your boy is perfectly fine. There is nothing autistic about your son.” And he kept treating my son with the next strongest antibiotic, and my son continued to be sick. And then one day, about a year later, the doctor tells me, “Your son has autism and there is no cure. He will probably continue to get worse, and one day, you may have to put him into an institution.”

That was the point where I finally said, “Enough is enough!” I took my son’s health into my own hands and found a specialist (like Dr. Wakefield) who could really help him. I studied and researched for hours on the Internet. This new doctor tested my son for yeast, bacteria, heavy metals, nutritional deficiencies and more. We started treating my son for each problem, one by one. And guess what? He did get better. A LOT better.

This new doctor listened to my concerns and worked with me and my son to improve his health, little by little. That is, after all, what doctors are supposed to do. Dr. Wakefield understands that, but it seems to me that many doctors out there have forgotten that one simple fact. Doctors should listen to parental concerns and act accordingly.

So, if anyone wants to know why I would defend a man like Dr. Wakefield, the answer is easy. Because he is a man who is looking for the truth in protecting our kids, despite tremendous pressure to look the other way. I also think he has found that truth and will soon be able to prove it beyond a reasonable doubt. And I, for one, will do everything in my power to help him spread the word. To learn more and to listen to my interview with Dr. Andrew Wakefield, go to the archives on my website: (www.mothercub.com).

Author's Bio: 

Susan Lynn Perry is the weekly radio show host of The Mother Cub Show, All About Autism on WorldTalk Radio. She is also an accomplished freelance writer and best-selling author of fiction, nonfiction, short stories and inspirational articles. Her latest novel, Hindsight, is what she likes to describe as “fiction inspired by true events”. As the mother of a young son currently emerging from autism, she’s had the distinct honor of becoming an expert in the field of natural, biomedical and dietary interventions that have had a profound effect on her son’s health. Please visit her website, www.mothercub.com for additional information, and remember…it is possible to help your children get better – you just need to take one step, and then another, and then another……