There it is. A blank page.

An hour goes by.

There it is. A blank page.

Dreaded writer's block. Welcome to . . . something I have never once experienced.


I have written thousands of articles, blogs and a host of other things and never once had writer's block. Sometimes, I do not even understand how that could happen. 

I know that it is preventable.

Here are 7 ways.

Pick Topics of Passion and Interest. If you are writing about Baseball and have a grand total of zero interest, you are asking for problems. Conversely, if you are a baseball nut, like yours truly, the number of topics is nearly endless.

Never Have an OFF Switch. Always be writing. Carry a notebook or iPad with you and write. Austin Kleon recommends a "swipe file;" that is, a notebook whereby you jot down ideas, thoughts, other people's thoughts, a word or phrase that catches your attention etc. You can refer to this when you need a topic or a phrase to end the article. This is not a 9-to-5. Writing is a way of life. Always be alert for ideas.

Follow The Energy. When you have an idea and are excited about, stop what you are doing and write it. If you cannot complete it, jot down an outline or the main points. For many of us, inspiration comes when it comes. In other words, there is no set timeframe or schedule. Go with the energy of Inspiration.

Know When to Walk Away. There are times when the words amount to fish wrap. So walk away. Get up. Move about. Go run. Hit the gym. Anything. Just don't force it. Come back later and you will be surprised how different things are.
Get in the Right Mind Set First. Before you touch the first key, be sure you have "that feeling." You know the one - call it Inspiration or Excitement. That very specific feeling you get when you know you are on the verge of writing something spectacular. Work yourself into that exact feeling PRIOR to writing. The neural net will be triggered and your Muse will be ready for you.

Adjust the Environment to the Mood. Writing an article about anger? Get angry first. Grab a bat or a stick and go beat on a heavy bag. Want to evoke the feelings of sadness? Turn the lights down. Wear a gray shirt and recall sad scenes. Watch an inspiring clip if that is what you want. Do whatever you need to, to create the feeling using the environment. It is as much a "tool" as your laptop.

Say It Out Loud. If the keypad is not your friend today, dictate into an app and use your voice as the vehicle to convey your thoughts and feelings. Sometimes, certain articles lend themselves to speaking versus writing. Some have limited typing skills and their thoughts are far ahead of their typing. 

Follow these and you can find new ways of utilizing the tremendously creative energy that we all possess.

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Author's Bio: 

David Orman is a creative writer, Health expert, martial artist and generally good person.