Starting a mom-biz enterprise feels like standing on a circle surrounded by an endless sea.

Far in the distance you see a glimpse of brilliant light that drew you to step onto the circle. A life where you can be present for those important family moments while using your God-given talents, a life that draws you and gives you the financial wiggle room to invest in what you value.

But you are unclear how to transport yourself to that delicious life. Not knowing the next step can be scary, costly, and disheartening. You find yourself in a frustrating box of knowing you need something, but not sure just what.

God doesn’t torture you with this deep yearning without a licit means to fulfil it.

So you begin to put your antennas out there to absorb any information on how to do this mom-biz thing.

And God starts putting the stepping stones together to help you go from your circle to the beautiful island of your vision. He puts lily pads and rocks, just close enough for you to safely cross with a little bit of courage. Sometimes he gets bolder with rafts, speedboats, jet skis. Did you see the boat with the person waving their hand at you?

Are you paying attention to the help God tries to send you?
He sends people with just a little more knowledge and experience than you possess. People who can help you fill in the missing link and move you closer to your vision.

Every time God put my next mentor before me, I knew it. My heart would begin to pound and my hands would sweat. I knew resources were tight to afford their help.

But each time I concluded that the price of not hiring those mentors was higher than the cost of their services. I concluded if I wanted my business to prosper, I could not afford to go without their expertise. To not accept their outstretched hand meant failure. I would have been trashing my vision.
So like me, you might step with excitement and trepidation on to that first lily pad by getting your first mentor.

And it’s likely that mentor for business will guide you to focus in on that brilliant light of your dream life, transforming it into a vivid, detailed vision. You begin to imagine that life in full color: the work you do, the improved quality time you enjoy with your family, how you feel about yourself, and security of reaping the financial benefits you’ve been working for.

And your guide will hold you accountable to do those scary tasks that quickly catapult you and your business to the next level.

Before you know it you will be soaring at a level you never imagined. Your confidence bubbles and you’ll begin experiencing unimagined results. And you taste the life on your vision island.

You may go as far as you can with that mentor before God shows you the guide to your next landing point. That mentor will be visible, but just out of reach.

And, most likely you will feel your pounding heart and sweaty palms as you take your next leap of faith in your life and your business.

Catholic Mompreneur Biz and Life Tip: God didn’t intend for us to be alone. Evaluate your receptivity to the mentors he is putting in your life to help you and your business go to the next level.

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