The qualities of the Prostitute Archetype are so deeply embedded in our financial system that it can be difficult to see them for what they are. We’ve seen many instances of the Prostitute Archetype challenging us to make financial decisions based in integrity instead of fear.

Everyone has aspects of the Prostitute Archetype, but not everyone wants to admit it. The Prostitute comes into play when you are faced with fears around your survival. Do you give in to these fears? Do you let these fears influence your actions? Do you do things that are not in alignment with your integrity because you feel your survival depends upon taking a certain course of action and you have no other choice?

Whether it’s staying in a job you hate or staying in a dead-end relationship, staying in a less than optimal situation because of the financial security is a Prostitute characteristic.

So why do I love the Prostitute Money Archetype? Because the Prostitute holds some very valuable gifts. When you integrate the full range of the Prostitute’s qualities you can bring these hidden gifts out of your shadow and access the full spectrum of choice in your relationship to money.

The gift of the Prostitute is to explore your own limits and strengthen your boundaries. The integrated Prostitute sees life through pragmatic eyes and is not deceived by the illusion, nor seduced by delusion. The Prostitute’s calculating nature turns into the positive strength of assessing a situation from many angles and finding the opportunity in challenging situations. The integrated Prostitute understands the value of strategic alliances and joint ventures, turning greedy self-interest into mutually beneficial collaboration for the highest good of all.

The Prostitute is adept at making hard choices and takes full responsibility for the consequences of those choices. The Prostitute knows how to make it through hard times and is flexible, resilient and resourceful. Aren’t these all valuable qualities? And not least of all The Prostitute knows how to get paid for her time and talent. If you identify with the Money Monk, Money Martyr, Money Victim, or Money Slave then integrating The Prostitute’s positive qualities will make a world of difference for you in your relationship to money, work and abundance.

The Challenge of the Prostitute is to trust in the divine for support rather than give in to survival fears. The Prostitute challenges you to explore whether you are compromising for the good of all or whether you are compromising your values and selling out for financial gain or the illusion of financial security. Once you integrate the Prostitute Money Archetype you can stay in integrity and trust in the Divine that your survival is assured and you will have what you need when you need it.

How does the Prostitute play out in your financial life? What positive qualities do you need to integrate in order to access a greater range of choice in your money matters?

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Elizabeth Tobin, JD; Certified Resonance Repatterning® Practitioner, calls herself a multi-dimensional cosmic closet cleaner. Internationally respected as a caring and gifted healer, her clients experience successful outcomes with physical conditions, trauma, abuse, weight loss, increasing abundance and overall health & well-being. Download a Free audio on how Money Archetypes are affecting your level of abundance at