Lee Odden has said it on point that content is the reason search began in the first place.

A blog is a website published over the internet consisting of regular content updates, which are conversational in nature. They are the reason people have started searching the internet for anything that they need to find about, be it food recipes, health and diet tips, fashion tips, personal development guides, startup ventures, social organizations and NGOs, etc.

You can simply start a blog around literally any topic which might excite you and about which you have good knowledge of. People are earning billions through their blogs, and I am absolutely not exaggerating on this. An example of a blog earning outlandishly is ‘The Huffington Post’, who’s earning in billions, mainly through pay per click.

Some of the popular types of blogs that people create include fashion blogs, food blogs, travel blogs, wedding blogs, beauty blogs, health and fitness blogs, DIY blogs, music blogs, sports blogs, art and crafts blogs, home decor blogs, education blogs, gaming blogs, technology blogs, humor blogs, entertainment blogs, lifestyle blogs, and many more.

Why You Should Get a Blog

It provides fuel to SEO- Search engines recognize good and valuable content and based on that, rank your web page or website in their search results page. By putting informational content on your blog, you might improve your blog’s Google ranking and optimize your search engine optimization.

Lets you acquire more customers- A blog’s content is of conversational nature, which ends up building relationships with the target audience and connecting better with customers. Through your blog, you can redirect traffic to your website and convert this traffic into leads. This will further build your network and increase your sales.

Gives your company a personality and a voice- A blog can serve as a tool of communication for your company. You can regularly update content on it and communicate with your customers. The niche of your content will give your company a personality of its own.

Lets you share your expertise and skills- Via your blog, you can share your successful work as well as showcase your skills and experience. This can build your credibility.

Blog analytics- You can integrate blog analytics into your blog, which can help you give insights into your audience and know from where there are coming on your blog, what location they are in, etc. This can help you track your blog effectiveness.

You can earn big from it- With your blog, you can make huge amount of money by running advertisements, selling products and services, conducting events, or through affiliate marketing.

It can promote your art or hobby- You can put some great content about your hobby in order to publicize it and encourage more people to pursue it.

It also boosts your creativity and gives you a lot freedom. And at the same time, helps you acquire new skills continuously. Moreover, you’ll end up helping and inspiring others.

How You Can Make Money Through Blogging

Advertising- As your blog will grow, you’ll get advertisers who would be willing to give you money to run their ads on your blog. There are several types of ads that you can run on your blog like display ads, private ads, CPC and PPC ads, CPM ads, sponsorships, sponsored posts, ambassadorships, newsletter ads, video ads, podcast ads, text links, underwritten posts, etc. Also, you can advertise for products and services by writing reviews for them.

You can earn commission by including affiliate links of shopping sites in your content on your blog.

You can also make profits through your blog by selling digital products such as eBooks, online courses/workshops, images, audios or videos, domains, apps, plugins, themes, reports, software, etc, and physical products such as books, merchandise, teaching material, handmade products, manufactured products, etc.

You can also offer services like freelancing, coaching, training, consulting, speaking, design, etc, for a charge.

Blogs also generate income by conducting events like online seminars, workshops, webinars, live events, conferences, meet-ups, etc.

Other income sources include promoting offline business, donations, syndications, selling blogs, etc.

Before Starting a Blog

There are certain things that you should plan and be clear about, prior to starting a blog. These include your budget constraints, your branding elements (like your logo, tagline, colors, themes, etc.), the type of web hosting you want, the web development company you’ll choose, the frequency and length of your posts, your monetization model, work of your competitors’ blogs, and most importantly, the demographics of your target niche.

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The Author is a Chief Executive and Technology Officer at E2logy and providing custom mobile application development services to the digital world. He is a technology enthusiast and a passionate blogger. Ruchhir leads the company in developing custom web and mobile applications that exhibit powerful features and latest technology.