Dropshipping business is one of the most flexible businesses which allow people to work from home. With the huge popularity of internet and the availability of a large number of customers online, drop shippers too now prefer to operate online. And that is why Search Engine Optimisation has now become more important than ever before.
SEO is the need of all modern drop shippers
Modern dropshippers know that SEO is the life and blood of their business. SEO works in the same way for dropshippers’ websites as blood does for human body. Therefore, it is necessary for them to bring get a better ranking for their websites on the results of the renowned search engines.
Now many wholesale suppliers are operating online and if dropshippers are not working day in day out to improve their websites’ rankings in the search engines, customers can never find them. If they want to direct heavy traffic on their business websites, they must invest their money, time, and efforts on search engine marketing.
If you use SEO techniques to optimise your Drop Shipping website and it becomes the top result of the search engines - congratulations, you are the winner. What comes with the top position is a lot of recognition which would also boost the conversion rate for your dropshipping business.
Why should dropshippers prefer in-house SEO?
Whether to keep the SEO in-house or outsource it to any specialist SEO firm has always been a dilemma for dropshippers. Though some people say it depends on the scale of the business but I have a different opinion. It has nothing to do with the scale of the business, but yes, the cost of specialised SEO services can be the deciding factor for it.
There are many reasons why some dropshippers prefer to keep their SEO in-house, while others do not. But why I prefer in-house SEO for drop shippers is because of the following reasons.
Secrecy is important in dropshipping – Many times dropshippers do not want to disclose to their customers that they are dropshippers and are getting products delivered to them through their Wholesale Suppliers. When they outsource their SEO to third parties, they have to share all such confidential information like the nature of the business, reports, passwords, targeted keywords, files, and many other sensitive data of the business to them. If the SEO expert also provides services to their competitors, there is a risk that they would leak this data to them.
No threat to business independence – Dropshipping business is already dependent on the business of its suppliers for the on time delivery of right products. Therefore, they should never depend on some other business, since the higher the dependency on others businesses, the greater is the threat to their own survival. If the SEO Company closes down suddenly, it would be hectic and time consuming for dropshippers to hire another firm and make them understand about the operations of their business in less time.
Cost effectiveness in the long term – Setting up an in-house SEO department is though expensive in the short term but it is always cost effective in the long run. Do not go on the high costs of hiring new employees, setting up an office, and training the employees before you reap the advantages of SEO, since this cost is paid once only. Consider the commission of the SEO expert and compare it with the one time cost of setting up an in-house SEO department. You would find that in-house department is cost effective in the long run.
No risk of being tricked – Internet also gives room to people who practically have no skills but still offer their ‘services’ and claim that they can bring your site at the top of Google results in a day, and that they would submit your site to many other search engines and we have an inside contacts with Google. These scammers never fulfil their promises, since it is wastage of money. However, real SEO companies are also available online but finding them is quite time consuming.

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William King is the director of Drop Ship, Wholesale Suppliers, UK Manufacturers and UK Dropshippers. He has 18 years of experience in the marketing and trading industries and has been helping retailers, entrepreneurs and startups with their product sourcing, promotion, marketing and supply chain requirements.