Opal is that magical stone you just cannot fail to adore!

The best thing about the gemstone opal is the mysterious, mystical and magical effect it renders on our being. As one wears the gemstone, it presents an exuberant play of colors. The colors all shine at distinct angles.

One of the prime factors that make the Opal gemstone distinct from other gemstones that we normally come across is that Opal is not crystalline but made from hardened silica gel.


Opal is primarily mined in Australia, and 10% of the Opal stones are mined in Brazil and Mexico. While a pure opal stone is colorless, a pure opal stone is nearly impossible to find.

It is its impurities which give the opal stone its colors, which range from black, red and blue.


Ever since the historical times, Opal has been cited to be a very lucky stone. This goes for black Opal in particular.

The gemstone allows one to ward away evil eye. And this works particularly well to protect those who travel to faraway lands.


The gemstone works particularly well to block one's bad dreams or nightmares. It brings the focus back on mental capacities and drives one forward in life by offering motivation and energy.

One feels the confidence at a deeper level, and this confidence is independent of all external entities. The confidence comes in place as the individual is empowered to understand his true inner being.

So as one adorns an opal gemstone, one can overcome all self defeating behaviors.


1. FIRE OPAL lets one overcome all blood related disorders. One gets over lethargy and depression as well.

2. With BLACK OPAL, impact of all reproductive disorders, such as an erectile dysfunction is reduced. So the Opal gemstone allows one to overcome both physical and mental causes of the problem.

3. If one has been afflicted by neural disorders or imbalances, WHITE OPAL works the best for him.

Alternately, the opal gemstone is known to reduce pain related with childbirth. One could go for any Opal gemstone, and all would work well in this regard.


Some of the factors which make the Opal gemstone distinctive from other gemstones are that it has a non crystalline structure.

Opal is formed from hardened silica gel.

This contains 5 - 10% of water.

The Opal gemstone is either

- Precious Opal, which shows flashes of color or

Or it could be the

- Common Opal, which is opaque and shows no iridescence.

Iridescence of Opal gemstone is dependent upon the way the tiny silica spheres diffract light.


You need to be careful while cleaning your opal gemstone.

Cleaning it in an ultrasonic cleaner might cause the stone to crack.

This is mainly because of the structure of Opal.

It is tiny spheres of amorphous silica gel which form the Opal gemstone. And owing to this, Opal offers a glittery play of colors.

Nearly 30% of weight of the Opal gemstone could be because of water. And that's the primary reason which makes the Opal gemstone delicate.

When encountered with too much heat, an opal could lose its luster. This is the main reason why a crack could appear in an Opal gemstone when one moves out to the cold outside from heated up indoors.


Opal is vastly seen as the stone of inspiration. When one adorns the Opal gemstone, creativity enhances many times over.

An individual is empowered to get over his inhibitions, while the memory is boosted as well.

Even on the spiritual plane, the gemstone Opal is possessed with great prowess and invariably eases the process of change.


There is a very unique way by which the Opal gemstone correlates with our emotions.

Opal is mainly a silicate which contains water. It clarifies the mind, simply by amplifying and mirroring feelings. Spontaneity is enhanced, inhibitions which no longer serve a purpose are allowed to relax and one is able to visualize better. With clearer imagination, the mind soothes. And the gemstone even induces vivid dreams.


It is known that by wearing the opal gemstone, the desire to live is strengthened within an individual. Some of the key benefits of the Opal gemstone on the wearer are that it:

- Stimulates glands

- Regulates metabolism (health)

- Even on the emotional plane, the Opal gemstone facilitates the flow of a warm healing energy. It restores harmony and even mends broken hearts.


We might occasionally come across people or opinions who strongly believe that Opal is a stone of sorrow, and that it brings about bad luck.

But this is not true.

In essence, the Opal gemstone has within itself colors and qualities of all gemstones.

Mystics and psychics however believe that the gemstone opal is possesses within itself the power to recall the incarnations of the days gone by, and even allows one to develop psychic powers.

With the opal gemstone, the underlying inner beauty is bought to surface, and it is a gemstone which improves the external appearance of an individual.


Opals, in general are believed to be stones which bring about good luck.

The opal gemstone is highly sensitive to energies of the wearer. It works towards projecting the same vibrations on to the bearer. This really makes the opal gemstone the perfect manifestation stone.

And if you believe in an idea, with the opal gemstone would work perfectly to bring these ideas to fore, and draw you closer to your ambition or target.

But you still might have a reason to be cautious.

On adorning an Opal gemstone, negative energies too might be boosted in a powerful manner. So it is highly recommendable to avoid using an opal if you have been feeling down because of any reason. And that's because the gemstone might not work that well to keep you high in such a scenario.


Opal is the modern gemstone for the month of October.

For each of the zodiac signs ruled by mercury, it is said to be the best gemstone. And these zodiac signs would be Cancer, Libra, Pisces and Scorpio.


Let's now run through properties of white Opal in particular.

Opal stones in general are subdivided into precious opal and common opal. Nevertheless, the white opal is one of its kinds.Let us now run through the properties of white opal in particular.

At times, the stone is also known as the milky opal. Some of the demarking features of the white opal are its light body tone and structure. It has a color which is less vibrant as compared to other varieties of opal gemstones.

Nevertheless, the white opal could display any color of the spectrum, and this makes it simply a wonderful stone to wear or use for jewelry.

The white opal can be found very commonly, it is thus known as the common opal. Another distinguishing feature of the white opal is that it has no dark spots.

Brightness of the color and pattern of the stone are the key determining factors for the value of the white opal stone. The best quality white opals are incredibly beautiful.


White opal is often considered one of the best ways to detoxify and balance one's chakras. They form a deep link to one's physical self.

They are possessed with deep transformative powers. A white opal works towards improving functions of all systems in the body, and are possessed with soothing attributes of the moon. This would make one feel revitalized and healthy, and these leave a deep impact on our innermost thoughts.

On adorning a white opal, the individual makes a trip into the very depths of his psyche. So, one is able to discover information which had not been concealed. It could be unidentified and unthinkable.

But in a nutshell, the white variety of opal is the stone of love and passion, also eroticism. It is a gemstone which renders inspiration. As the imagination frees itself, creativity comes to fore. Negative energies are then released and the memory too is boosted.

With its water element, the white opal is linked with human desires, and also emotions.

White opal also renders benefits on wearer's health.

One's productivity is enhanced as the white opal stone has a direct impact on one's glands. As bio rhythms are activated, the wearer gets a greater degree of control on his behavior, and attitude as well.

Brow and sacral chakras are where the white opal has maximum effect.

But the individual still becomes more expressive as the bottled up emotions are released. Yet another feature of white opal is that it brings about a great boost to your love life. The professional life is infused with a dynamic creativity!

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