Hey there,

It’s Coach Stephanie.

I have three questions for you:

  1. Why do we care about having healthy bodies?
  2. Why is it important to have good self-esteem?
  3. Why not just do whatever you want?

In other words, why have I devoted my career to helping
you have better body confidence?

Let Me Tell You A Story

One of my clients grew up in a house where her mom and grandma were constantly making comments about her appearance, comments about how much she was eating and comments about *what* she was eating.

You get the idea. And over time, this girl’s self-esteem transitioned into very bad shape.

So she decided to get very particular about what she ate. And about how much of it she ate. Almost obsessed by it.

And over time, she was totally estranged from her body. This in turn kept her from revealing her talents to the world in a way that was creative and comfortable.

When you have a Coach, there is hope

This once vibrant, full-of-life little girl was wasting away.

The damage on her body was evident; hair was thinning, periods had disappeared. And if she kept it up, there was a chance that her heart would quit on her malnourished body.

Trading One Form Of Slavery For Another…

BUT as we worked together, she also was working with a nutritionist. She began to put the weight back on, but she became a slave to her meal plan and her workout schedule.


She still needed to do it her way

What she began to realize is that the Body Knowledge System® coaching gave her the freedom to do it HER Way

What Freedom Looks Like

She’s made friends with her body. She listened to her body and gave her exactly what she needed… no more, no less.

She no longer starved her body. AND she’s no longer a slave to a crazy meal and workout plan.

She created a way to be with food in her own way and collaborated with her and her body through my Body Knowledge System® coaching.

She found FREEDOM.
She now has a healthy relationship with her body.

Body Knowledge System® coaching gives you the fundamental tools and techniques to move forward with creating your unique body image which leads to your ongoing body confidence to do whatever you want in the world.

I tell you this because this story because body image is my passion.

To that end I’ve written a popular ebook, Five Easy Steps to a Better Body Confidence. 2nd edition.

It shares all the information you need to get past the decades of low body confidence you’ve experienced.

It’s time to take control, take charge of becoming the confident woman our body wants us to be.

To your freedom,

Author's Bio: 

Coach Stephanie Wood, ICF Certified Coach, PCC
Body & Business Coach for Entrepreneurial Men and Women
Author Body Knowledge System, an Awesome Intelligence playbook
BodyAwe 1-866-76-COACH

P.S. - Over 50 and interested in having better body confidence?

You can’t stop the hands of time

  • You can’t control gravity
  • You can’t control people’s response towards you

What you can control is your own perspective!

How do you this? With a Body Confidence Coach who uses her tools and techniques with her Body Knowledge System®

This type of coaching orientation is where you co-partner with your coach to befriend your uniqueness to create new lifestyle perspectives.

This is NOT a cookie cutter coaching approach.

Are you ready to explore this relationship?

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