In this present age of technology, data gathering, researches and exchanges of pertinent information and documents are done through the Internet. Most of the relevant and sensitive information including those of finances and health are stored and processes as database in computers through applicable programs in the market making the Information Technology the most important industry in the world today. While it is true that hard copies or handwritten and typed files are best kept in vaults and other safe places for their protection, still it cannot be denied that technology has made everything faster than what it used to and the need to preserve the documents or information from one decade to another is best stored in our computers for expediency and consistency. The risk of fire, termites and possible destruction of the original hard copies is eliminated through the data storage afforded by computers.

While most shared computers allow people to access different websites for their particular needs, it also opens your computer to the risk of getting into infected websites which may cause serious damage to your computer and possibly get your system hacked. With the prevalence of hacking as a means now utilized by nations against each other to bring about economic sabotage and thereby acquire a sense of leverage over the others and even the possibility of accessing the military intelligence network of a particular country, the use of a proxy server nowadays is very important and timely. Therefore, the first and foremost reason why you need a 1337x proxy server, which is the most important of all, is security.

The second important reason why you need to have a proxy server is because of speed and savings. The fact that proxy servers retrieve the hosted website page through cached pages means they will be able minimize their bandwidth usage and therefore making access faster for the user. Third, the proxy server can allow restricted parties or those whose IP addresses have been filtered or blocked to access the blocking or restricting website because the proxy server will utilize the cached page previously given when the restricted website was accessed earlier, thereby concealing their real IP addresses.

Fourth, the proxy server can also keep a log of the different users connected through it for record purposes and other future use. While proxy servers are highly beneficial, it is important that precautionary measures are also observed to ensure that your own system does not get hacked or tampered because the cache contains private data like passwords, username and other sensitive data. It is very important that a highly reliable and trustworthy proxy server with a clear private policy is utilized.

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