I find it very ironic that so many people I know on the spiritual path often struggle so much with money. I feel in many ways that it is far more spiritual to be abundant than to be struggling financially. When Jesus said the Kingdom of GOD is within us what I feel he meant is that our inner divinity “ what I call the highest level aspect of our monad “ is totally abundant. So to the extent we become aware of, understand, know and realize embodying the highest level aspect of our monad, then we move into the vibration of total health and abundance on all levels and in all areas of our life.

Just to be clear by NO means am I advocating falling into the pitfall of materialism and the WORSHIP of money and placing money above all else which indeed is the root of all evil. A lot of the financial chaos and instability in our world today originates from the greed on individuals and financial organizations.

Also as a practical matter, we often need to have a certain amount of material wealth to accomplish our world service missions. I know many very gifted healers who will never meet all the people they can help, heal and serve because they cannot manifest the funds to get their work promoted and out into the world. What this means on the bottom line is that many people who can benefit from their spiritual gifts will never be able to find them to utilize their services.

Here are some of my core beliefs about abundance, success and prosperity:

  • Abundance is broader than money “ abundance is the energy of fulfillment on all levels “ physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and financial.
  •  How much peace of mind do you feel when you think about money?  To the extent that you feel calm and serene and at peace “ well that is the extent that you have healed your relationship with money.
  • Ask and you shall receive has always worked well for me. The person being asked can only say no and if so, I am not worse off than I was before. If they say yes, I am better off.
  • Often we get attached to having abundance come to us in a certain form or substance and if we do not get it in that way, we often cannot accept the abundance that flows in – because it looks wrong. For me the core of my abundance flows in as the ideas and downloads I receive from Spirit which ultimately and over time leads to money but often does not manifest in money immediately. Laughing out loud often I have to wait several years for some of my work to become more accepted and mainstream before it comes back to me in the form of money.
  • You have to love, honor, appreciate and accept where you are NOW financially before you can move on to better things. Maintaining a gratitude journal or log of things that I am thankful for helps me to instill the consciousness of thankfulness. The more we look at the world using gratitude eyeglasses, the more things we will attract into our life to be grateful for.
  • Money is just another form of energy “ it is neutral energetically until we spend it. When we utilize the energy of money to make love-based choices, we align with the abundant flow of universal energy which is based on love.
  • To live an empowered life on this planet and to help others do so you have to be abundant. Often we cannot do everything we are supposed to do because we don’t manifest the money to do so. It often requires money to achieve your world service contracts.
  • Athletes and lawyers and actors don’t agonize about being paid for their spiritual gifts so why do healers?
  • My spiritual adventure has had a pretty hefty price tag and while it is true that everything lies within your heart, often we can accelerate the process by working with healers and teachers. And usually the most gifted ones charge quite a bit for their services since they love themselves and value their time and energy.
  • Healers who don’t promote their work often don’t reach all the people who can benefit from their services and who are meant to work with them.
  • If you want to move into massive world service focus on becoming as good a business person as you can be or hire someone who is. A lot of healers I  have worked with are not terribly grounded and not terribly responsive to customer needs and ultimately that will hold them back.
  • Our jobs, money, bank account balances, debts, houses, financial assets, etc. are the effect of our consciousness â€œ the external out-picturing of our internal beliefs, feelings, memories, experiences and attitudes around money, success and abundance. To change the outer, material world that we perceive we need to shift our consciousness internally. The more we can unify with the highest level aspect of ourselves “ our most expansive, infinite, unlimited self “ the part that does not recognize scarcity and lack as even being a possibility, the more abundant, happy, healthy and successful we will be.
  • Millionaires are masters of abundance “ they are conscious and aware about their financial patterns. To become more focused and clearer about money, buy a small notebook and begin jotting down how much you spend and where every day. Within a week you will become much more aware of your money and spending patterns and within two weeks, you will find yourself making changes. I challenge you to do this for just two weeks. You will learn amazing things about yourself and you will no longer be living as much on autopilot about money.
  • Think about how you can serve the maximum number of people with the least expenditure of your time and energy. Often I will hold off on releasing something until I feel comfortable that the approach I use is the most effective and efficient one. I do believe in the 80/20 rule in that you can obtain 80% of what you want to achieve with 20% of effort. I always have so many projects going on that focusing beyond the 20% doesn’t make sense. The Pareto principle (also known as the 80-20 rule, the law of the vital few and the principle of factor sparsity) states that for many phenomena, 80% of the consequences stem from 20% of the causes.
  • If you feel wishy-washy about money, money will be wishy washy to you. Focus and perseverance are attributes most prosperous people have mastered.

Clearing Vows of Poverty

When I work with people on spiritual paths around money often I see in their energetic spaces “ vows of poverty that are still active and ongoing. We are children of the Creator and our words, acts and promises are very potent. Often spiritual people have many, many lifetimes as members of a spiritual community like a monastery or nunnery where vows are made as part of the requirements to join those communities. And those vows in those lifetimes often supported their spiritual growth and evolution but now often these same vows hold people back.  I am asking the Creator to help you to clear these out as you say out loud or think or pray within:

“Creator, please help me to clear, transmute, heal, release and dissolve all vows of poverty across time, space and dimensions and indeed all vows, promises, contracts, covenants and commitments I made that no longer serve my highest good or support my spiritual evolution. Thank you.”

Author's Bio: 

Bill Austin is a spiritual healer, teacher, artist writer & visionary. He helps healers. light workers, artists, starseeds & highly evolved souls to heal themselves, release their past, reclaim their power & raise their vibration. He specializes in energy healingspiritual growth activations and healer training. Bill has founded several energy healing modalities, published seven books and has trained healers in 17 countries.