As everyone knows the importance of software in our lives. Nowadays software is being used everywhere, in everything for instance in mobile phones, laptops, in traffic lights, and in many other things. We can’t imagine our lives without software because we are somewhat dependent on it. There are several kinds of software available which are directly helping us in many ways. As sometimes machines may have some problems on them then that machine needs service and maintenance to work smoothly. Similarly, as we are quite dependent on the software, sometimes the software does not work properly so it is mandatory to test what the issue is occurring on the software product. To catch that issue, we have testers who can test the software and detect bugs or errors, this process is known as Software Testing.

Each and every field is unique in its own way. By opting for the Software Testing field, you can take your career a step forward since it has more scope to earn and you can improve and learn new skills to make your future brighter.

There are so many myths about the Software Testing industry that anyone can test, development is better than testing or there is no growth in the Software Testing field, etc.

But the fact is, not everyone can test the software product. They should know about the skills and requirements to become software testers. The testers should have good communication skills so that they can report and convince others. For freshers, the salary could be less in the beginning. But further, the salary will be increased and experienced testers are earning the same level of the package as compared to the developer's salaries. There are several companies that are offering much more salary to the automation testers compared to the developers. And the growth is the main thing in software testing, testers become test managers, test leads, project leads, etc. The point is everyone can reach the manager's level in the software testing field.

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As a software testing company, we combine several testing activities including test planning, design, execution, and reporting into one multi-threaded process. It saves everyone’s time and money. We can do this because we’ve studied hard and taken the profession of testing software seriously.