Product market research is a method of collecting information about your general market, competitor & rivals, customer preferences, and other demographical data. Traditionally, product market research involved the usage of study groups, observational studies, in-depth interviews, surveys, and other tools. With the advancement in the digital world and mobile technologies, product research is evolving and allowing companies to take advantage of a huge amount of information available through the Internet. Currently, popular practices include social media research mobile surveys and bulletin boards or forums

Five reasons to consider conducting product market research
If you are not sure about the benefits of product market research for your business, here are five reasons why product market research is important for all small businesses in India.

1. Good Offense works as the best defense.
Product market research provides a piece of information to revive innovation, predict up-to-dated market trends and stay ahead of the competition. Instead of reacting to changes and trends in your industry, you can help shape and build them. This means that competitors have no choice but to catch up or allow them to corner their market.

2. Don't forget to discover the untapped markets.
Understanding your target audience is the most crucial to growing your small business especially in India where there is a vast amount of diversities. However, still, a lot of companies make the mistake of not continuing to seek potential audiences after setting an initial objective. Whether you find new uses for existing products and services or take advantage of demand in a market that has not been noticed before, finding additional markets will help you expand your business and generate profits.

3. Learn from your competition.
From social media accounts to performance analysis, market research provides tools to discover what your competitors are doing and how it works for your business. This not only gives you the opportunity to adopt effective tactics in their own processes but also allows you to avoid expensive tests of new ideas or new techniques if you have not been able to compete.

4. Perfect your brand and marketing.
When we talk about to optimize our brand and product marketing strategy, subtle changes, such as the color of your logo or in which order the paragraphs are aligned in marketing copy, can have a huge impact on performance and profits. Product market research offers tools to discover what your target audience thinks about your brand, what your needs are and how they talk about similar products and services. Adapting your current strategies with this information is a simple way to improve results and grow your business.

5. Make decisions with greater confidence.
With busy steps and small budgets that often involve managing small businesses, it may be difficult to determine the real value and risk of important decisions. Market research provides a way to assess your decision and estimate its impact before taking it. This enables small business owners to find new markets, try new ideas and encourage innovation in their business with greater trust and efficiency.

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