Once upon a time, raw milk was the only milk available. They referred to it as "milk"... Our predecessors had tremendous health and well-being because they drank the same FRESH RAW milk from our desi cows, which assisted indigestion and increased general health.
With this mission, Bahawa Organic Farm aspires to bring pure desi cow's RAW milk to every home in India, as well as to assist society in adopting a natural and organic lifestyle.
The component list is brief.
Prior to purchasing organic dairy, I seldom read the ingredient labels on any dairy product. I was more concerned with what was inside my dry-packaged items. Dairy seemed strange for some reason. Actually, it isn't.
Milk, in particular, frequently has only one ingredient and all of the sweetness is naturally occurring. There is no additional sugar, either natural or artificial. In reality, our Organic milk has only two components, both of which I'm sure you can pronounce, Vitamin D from Organic Grade A2 Milk in Mulund.
If you've switched from milk to another milk-like product, I'd advise you to check at the ingredient list on those goods as well, rather than simply listening to the buzz in the influencer world. The list of ingredients on milk substitute goods is typically lengthy.
The claims they make are mainly because they supplement them with nutrients lost during the seeping process, which is required because you can't "milk" an almond or a pea.
Have you ever considered why milk is processed?
To offer you high-quality milk OR to extend the milk's shelf life. The answer is apparent, but we haven't given it much thought in recent decades until we started experiencing health consequences.
Our Milk Testing Bahawa Raw A2 milk was tested for over 50 distinct characteristics, including antibiotics, harmful hormones, pesticides, and adulteration.
Antibiotics are not used, and no artificial growth hormones are used.
Cows are administered growth hormones on certain traditional dairy farms to help them produce more milk. They are administered antibiotics on a regular basis for a variety of reasons, and they may not necessarily have the wide-open expanses that come to mind when you think of a dairy farm.
Cows, on the other hand, are comparable to people in that they require space to wander, exercise, and a good diet in order to provide the greatest milk. The use of artificial growth hormones is not included in organic dairy.
Cows, in particular, enjoy biodiverse, forage-based diets, which boost their immune systems and eliminate the need for medicines. They can spend as many days outside as they choose. In fact, certified organic dairy products are derived from pasture-raised cows. All organic dairy cows must obtain 30 percent of their Dry Matter Intake from pasture and actively graze at least 120 days per year, according to the organic standard.
If a Desi Cow A2 Milk in Mulund becomes unwell, organic farmers will use a range of natural therapies to treat it. If nothing else works and the cow's life is in jeopardy, the farmers will resort to using an antibiotic. Those cows, however, are no longer deemed organic and cannot be utilized to give organic milk.

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Its not just A2, its RAW A2 milk. Non pasteurized, Non homogenised, unadulterated and nutrient rich. Boil before you consume..just the way our ancestors enjoyed it!