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Boundaries can and should be used in many different types of relationships – family / professional / intimate / friendship - just to name a few. You see, boundaries will prevent you from becoming a victim to someone else’s circumstances. And having these set boundaries with respect to your mate will also enable your relationship to become quite blissful, providing that the person you have chosen to make the commitment to respects your boundaries. These boundaries also act as a shield, or coat of armor.

In a failing relationship, boundaries enable you to run a bad situation through your thought process and come up with a viable solution that will keep your emotional wellbeing intact. Boundaries will enable you to apply the correct formula for dealing with conflict. Boundaries will also prevent you from handing out free passes to people who constantly exhibit bad behavior. Boundaries will prevent you from becoming overly stressed out. Boundaries will keep you on the right path to overcome any obstacles you may face.

Boundaries will make it easier for you to dismiss someone or something that is wearing you down. Boundaries will keep you afloat in situations where, if you had no boundaries, in all probability, you would head into the abyss. Having boundaries will also prevent you from allowing yourself to become psychologically or physically manipulated by anyone. Having boundaries will keep you from abandoning your inner most principles. Having boundaries will also prevent you from allowing the scars of love to turn into open wounds that you need to nurse for an extended period of time.

Without boundaries, you risk becoming a volunteer. If you have boundaries, you stand a better chance of NOT becoming a victim!

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JoAnne Williams is a recently published Author of a book titled: Escaping From the Victim or Volunteer Role in Your Relationship