Often when I use the word super science for Hindu astrology with Lahiri ayanamsha and seven, seven only, karakas of Jaimini, many people mistake it for Hindu chauvinism without understanding that our Rishis are super scientists.

Those of the Rishis who were doing astrology had three excellences --technical, intellectual, and moral--all combined in a harmonious manner as cannot be seen in any country, civilization, or century in the entire history of the world.

What they discovered in the excellent solitude of their hermitages and taught to their disciples will remain half more than half lost to us because we are the corrupt people of Kaliyuga, more anxious to make money through astrology, through wide publicity and these days of the internet, so vociferously.

All we best astrologers can do is to pick up some crumbs of their knowledge imperfectly and boast in egotistical jarring tones.

I remember that the late great Devraha Baba tell people that astrology was a sacred science and should be learned with proper humility, and practiced for the service of mankind.

Working quietly, I find astrology to be a divine revelation day after day and feel that human life is too short to master even one-tenth of the available astrological knowledge.

I worked quietly on some aspects of astrology, made some successful predictions, and shared some, some only, techniques with my students.

Timing the birth of a baby with such amazingly close timing as all doctors of the world put together can never is a technique which I have taught and shared with my students who have made amazing predictions beating the doctors in Delhi on hundreds of occasions now.

There are some other techniques that I have not taught to anyone as the moral excellence among some brilliant students has been lacking. It is a sad part of the story of my career teaching astrology.

Author's Bio: 

Sri Tulasi is the leading astrologer having more than 20 years of experience with the best astrologers in India.