Where are all problems coming from?
Why do we have our problems?
You can ask all around you. Ask yourself. What do you want?
What is coming up in your mind? It could be the desire for more money, a bigger house, a bigger boat, a lovely partner, a better health, a better education, better knowledge, children, friends, partners, and a good relationship to other human beings.
Here are all problems of the world.
Now, you covered all main aspects of life. It is very natural for most human beings to want a solution of their problems within these three categories or wanting more from these categories.
Why do people want solutions and why do people want more? Because, they would like to have more security, control, acknowledgement and unity or separation.
All human beings are inclined to cover their basic needs about security, control, and acknowledgement.
Furthermore, people want to be separate some times and other times they would like to be a part of the whole.
Why do people want all that? Probably you will end up with words like joy, happiness, satisfaction, peace, freedom, and similar.
So in fact people do not really want security, control, acknowledgement, separation or unity. They want to be happy and cheerful or live in peace and in freedom.
But they are not aware of this fact and are running in the thread mill of wants. But is not about the material, the things, the stuff or the people, but they believe that all these substitutes are giving them happiness and joy.
That is quite normal. Most of the people want the same from life.
Why are we are all coming to the same result?
One way or the other all human beings want the same result without talking together. That is very interesting or not?
Why do we all want the same result?
Why? We are all longing for the same: happiness, joy, satisfaction, freedom, peace and so on. But we use all kind of things to cover it up, consciously or unconsciously.
In one way or the other we know instinctively that we all want to return to a state of wholeness. You may call it Paradise, God, Unity, Being or find whatever your cultural background allows you to use.
However, we cover it up so well and come with so many excuses for using all the stuff or things and explanations when the answer is quite simple: happiness, joy, satisfaction, peace, freedom.
Therefore, to succeed in life is about giving success to others. Give joy and receive joy and you will receive success. You receive what you are sending out.
You must peel off all the layers of stuff, feelings, thoughts, beliefs, opinions, guilt, and all the other mental scrap, which you have collected and are carrying. Drop it! Let it go!
Moreover, you are coming closer to your essence. In addition, the essence of who you are is joy, happiness, satisfaction, peace and freedom or whatever name you are calling it.
Should you drop everything what you own and have collected through your life?
It does not mean that you have to drop all your physical belongings. You have to throw your psychological bonds overboard. That is what actually is keeping you away from freedom. Why be bound, when you can be free? Freedom is what we all want.
Freedom to what?
To find and decide what you really want. Your road. Your way. Your goal. Your purpose.
Moreover, what do you want?
Joy, happiness, satisfaction, peace, and freedom. Being. Unity. Therefore, you are back to square one and your compass for your life. You are the only one to tell what are joy, happiness, satisfaction, peace and freedom for you. Follow your inner heart.

Author's Bio: 

Manfred Johannsen

Main Areas: Self Improvement, talks or coaching.

Career Focus: Business Owner, Author. Working part time to help adult people with autism for the last 2 years.

Manfred Johannsen is the former founder of Vikima Seed , the leading multiplication vegetable seed companies in Scandinavia. Started from scratch and reaching more than 100 million US Dollars in total accumulated revenue during the years of ownership with the help of 2 partners and very devoted employees when sold 5 years back.

The company was founded in 1983. www.vikima-seed.com

He has a degree in international sales and marketing from Copenhagen Business School and has more than 30 years of experience in sales, marketing, management, and training.

He has always been interested in self-improvement and personal growth and began over 30 years ago,

Manfred is a self improvement man- and proud of it.

He lives and works in Europe, Denmark, with his wife, Lisa. They have 2 children, Mikkel a computer engineer and Lisbeth a student at the University of Copenhagen.

Visiona is the name of his new company. www.visionavisiona.com

Manfred Johannsen coming 2 books:

Both books are selfgrowth books with regard to setting goals and finding your passion.

The first one is a descriptive version and the second book is a fiction book