What is boredom? Is it seeing our life as not enough? We may want something else, believe we need something else, in order to be happy and feel fulfilled. But it is also feeling that we are missing something, either missing out on something in life or lacking what it is we need to be happy. It is not about not having enough to do, for most of us have plenty of this. It is this need for more that we rely on in life, for we believe that when we have enough of whatever it may be, then we will feel and be satisfied. Some of us may wonder what it is that we lack, for we may not even know. And this is the confusing part, for in this state of being, of lacking and wanting, we have given up and therefore feel bored with our life, with what we do and how we live. Boredom is a name for letting go of what is real to us, and giving up. It is also the idea that when we have enough we will feel good. Both of these instances lead us to feeling like we lack what we want and that life isn't good enough.

So boredom is not just about finding something to do; it is a lack of serious fulfillment, of balance, and of understanding oneself, for what we are really searching for is connection and stability in our own self. You see when you find out who you are, you begin to see that you lack nothing. When you understand yourself there is no need for more. When you let go of the desire to find fulfillment elsewhere and are satisfied with yourself, then that need to always be doing something fades. What it really is about is seeing yourself for who you are, and accepting everything that there is. Boredom is essentially being unsatisfied. Unsatisfied mainly with oneself, not life, not what you do, but with who you are. Because it is not about changing our lives to make them more exciting or buying something new that will fulfill us. It is about granting ourselves the understanding we need to move on from this cycle of feeling that we lack something.

We may look at other's lives and wonder why they get to do what they do, for they seem so happy, so fulfilled, and content. But are they, or are they just keeping as busy as possible always looking for the next exciting thing to fill the void of who they are? It is the ones who are happy just as they are, without the need to do and be a certain way that have accepted themselves and have moved on from the cycle of need. Ask yourself what you need to feel fulfilled. What do you wish you could do? And then ask yourself will this change how you feel today. Would you be fundamentally different if that came true? Or is this an illusion, the belief that you will feel better by obtaining something or by being different?

When we listen closely to ourselves, we can find answers to our problems, and find a way out of them. So if you sometimes think life is boring, that it lacks a certain muster, that others have it better than you, stop for a minute and ask yourself who are you. What makes you, you? Because what you really want is not something on the outside, but a deeper connection to who you are. When we are at ease in our own skin, life is no longer an obstacle, or something to be gotten through. It becomes wonderful everyday. We feel fulfilled because that idea of lacking something disappeared when we gave up the struggle to obtain and change our outside lives. This is not to say that we can't make our lives better, but we should change our understanding of ourselves first and foremost. Because it is this understanding of self that leads to feeling fulfilled, content, and happy in life.

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