3PL may be a new phenomenon for a number of people and there is a large chance that a number of people are unaware of the significance of the 3pl or its usefulness. In this article, we committed to informing you about the basic’s functionality and features of a well-organized 3PL company.

3PL or Third-Party Logistics Company is essentially a non-asset-based company that can assist your business with a comprehensive deal by decreasing the cost of your business and the risk associated with achieving all the functionality itself. You might feel that the price of a 3PL provider is a bit competitive with the amount that you are now paying for that assistance. Because when it comes to 3PL, rates are more dependent upon the market value and its price. This is a fact that you as a company know the market price better than any 3PL provider so you are the best judge of what is the most reasonable price of that kind of service. You should have a detailed discussion with the service provider about the cost and your budget so that the service provider can offer you a well-balanced package that is reasonable enough for both you and them. So you must be wondering that what is the benefit of using a 3PL is. The best benefit of using them is the mode shifting, time-saving, improved management and risk reduction. By employing the services of a 3PL company we can leverage on their tracking system that will assist you in analysing the patterns that need concentrations into shipments. Just take it as an example if you are shipping one truck from New York to California two times a week then it would save you a lot of money by using the services of a 3PL and send only 1 large truck a week rather of 2. Also, a 3PL will gives you software that will assist you in learning the patterns and make the most out of that service.

With a normal shipping manager, the difficulty is that they are using software that is only effective for truck filling, for them, the order is dispatched as soon as the product is loaded into the truck, they don't understand that the core of any business is a happy customer who receives the product without any hassle and difficulty. Whereas a 3PL can provide you with cutting-edge statements that can track your product from start to finish and they can also offer you (the company) internet access to that application where you can actually view the status of a particular order. This also provides you the flexibility of being in touch with the shipment process on the go from anywhere (e.g. your home or from Blackberry in your car).

In short, 3PL provides you with lots of features and advantages that can actually help you in growing your business and make sure that your client is happy with the service that you provide.

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