Behind an able man there are always other able men.
--Chinese proverb

The similarities between this and the saying “Behind every good man is a good woman” are striking. How many say “I am self-made”? No one succeeds alone.
Most of us have had a strong desire in our lives to "do it ourselves." We have had the idea that strength and independence meant we should not rely on or receive help from others.
Ah yes, big boys (and girls) don’t cry, and to ask for help to many is a show of weakness and a skill never learned. I know because I was there.
Asking for help was a learned skill in the journey of life recovery and my transformation as a person. Accepting help may have even been more difficult.
Today I understand that throughout my whole life, I have had help available but have not known how to accept it.
From other people-yes. But all the time there was a power greater than me helping. Without it, I certainly would have been dead.
Over the journey I have become much stronger. Daily I seek help, and on some occasions even listen and act. Progress as they say, not perfection.
I am able to share this new found strength with others, and in doing so continue to get stronger inside.
To my US friends, remember-behind an able person are other able people. As you celebrate Thanksgiving, give thanks to the able people that have been with you and be open to those that will come!

Author's Bio: 

Keith is a Master Certified Addictions Life Coach working with private clients.