A major factor to anyone’s success in life is who they spend time with consistently. Mainly, the people you are closest to. These people make up your Inner Circle or your Circle of Influence. We all understand that when trying to make changes, or change our way of thinking and being, surrounding ourselves with like-minded people can be a major key to our success.

If we’re trying to incorporate the concept of living a life of alignment/flow, it’s helpful to have people in our circle of influence that live their life in the flow. If you’re trying to adopt an abundance mindset, you need people with an abundance mindset in your circle of influence. The people we hold in our circle of influence are crucial to our success. They greatly influence our goals, expectations and what we believe is possible for ourselves.

How would you describe the people in your circle of influence? Are they living their life in alignment…in the flow… or are they predominantly negative and struggling? Do they see themselves as the creator of their lives or do they play the victim card? Do they see limitless possibilities or do they believe we are limited in what we can be, do and have?

If most of the people in your inner circle are not on the path/way of thinking that you are, can you think of two or three people that you know who are? It’s crucial to your success to be proactive in who you surround yourself with. You need people in your inner circle that will support, uplift and inspire you on your journey.

My coach’s challenge to you is to take a good hard look at your inner circle. Inventory who is supportive and inspiring and who is not. If your circle does not currently lean towards the supportive side, find people to add to your circle that fit your bill. If you currently have no one in your circle, look for groups in your area that are like-minded. Check out meetup.com, or your local newspaper, and look for groups that are aligned with you. Get out and meet new people that you can forge friendships with and build your inner circle of support and encouragement.

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Rev. Elaine C. Torrance-Gingrich, The Goddess of Laughter and Possibilities, is the founder of Avalonian Moon, a company devoted to teaching women who are facing the challenges and transitions of midlife to view their world through the lens of Laughter and Possibility. She guides women to heal with ease, develop and strengthen the connection to their Inner Goddess, and dance with life so they enjoy life NOW while creating the delicious life they desire filled with more abundance, more laughter, and more magic.

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