For those who are seriously struggling, especially those who have been for a long time and struggle physically with it as well as mentally feeling very distressed, down and maybe even depressed - trouble with eating, doing household chores, gardening, washing and dressing, going out etc, you need real help and you need it quickly. If you live in the UK your doctor would usually refer you to a rheumatologist for the physical pains and problems and perhaps give you antidepressants for the mental distress.

A good therapist is often the answer. A counsellor might be the answer. A hypnotherapist is another possibility, and has helped many, so does acupuncture, meditation, mindfulness, aromatherapy and herbs in some cases. 5 htp is very popular now for general anxiety, depression and sadness, but you cannot get it from a doctor and you have to self medicate unless you pay a naturopath or herbalist to help you with this. Some go to see a psychic or tarot reader asking them to predict when their illness will go. Why assume it ever will? It depends. In some cases the patient has the problem because they are allergic to foods they eat regularly or they have had certain medications which set it off. In which case steroids might help but also need caution and wisdom.

Do not get into a cycle of just worrying about it and struggling with how it affects you putting off until tomorrow doing something to break the cycle. Do not expect amateurs such as family and friends to be able to help, the odds are that they can only listen and cannot give good advice. Be realistic - you may have to try a few different things before you find what works for you.
There are even machines on the market now especially for this but they do not come cheap.You can get a small acupuncture machine to use at home fairly cheaply.

People tend to think of this as an old person's illness but some very young people get it too.

The sooner you start to work out a plan of action and try something the sooner you will get rid of the problem. Or at least learn to cope with it so that it does not make life so difficult and make you feel so awful about it. Please do not expect loved ones to understand, even if they have the same problem it is different for everyone.

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