A psychic or tarot reader is a great choice if you are just going through a difficult patch which leads to feeling now and sluggish, you may even have a form of depression where this is a physical symptom of it but where it can lift when you feel chirpier. For who are seriously struggling, especially those who have been for a long time - trouble with lack of energy can affect your eating, washing and dressing, going out, walking, doing household chores, tending to the garden etc.

A typical doctor will give you antidepressants believing you are down, perhaps you are but is that because you are down or as a result of your lack of energy? It may be affecting your job and may even jeopardise it, so of course you would feel very low and maybe anxious.

A good therapist is often the answer. A counsellor might be the answer. A hypnotherapist is another possibility, and has helped many, so does acupuncture, aromatherapy and herbs. When it comes to energy you will find that a lot of herbs and supplements can be beneficial but if you are not careful you can get into a spiral where you try many things, maybe even eventually hundreds, which wastes a lot of time and money and can be discouraging when they do not work.
Should I choose a clairvoyant psychic or a therapist is the question? Because a doctor is often unnecessary and if all they do is give pills it is a slippery slope, and many of them give out far worse side effects than the original problem, some of them permanent. I have had clients who have become totally addicted to them and a nervous wreck physically as a result of them. Pills can give out awful side effects which are very debilitating and even have some serious long term side effects which were worse than the original problem and they can be very addictive. Some of the pills that are on the market and available everywhere can make it more likely that you get dementia, but most doctors do not tell you about this - you can google it. And you often have to keep increasing the dose until you are on ridiculously high amounts to get the same effect. Mind you herbs also have to be treated with caution. With a lot of tablets from the doctor and herbal supplements etc there are warnings about how they can affect the liver. So it is always best to do your best by your liver so that your liver can cope with tablets and is not harmed by them. Same with the kidneys.

Do not get into a cycle of worrying about it and putting off until tomorrow doing something to break the cycle. Do not expect amateurs such as family and friends to be able to help, the odds are that they can only listen and cannot give good advice. Be realistic - you may have to try a few different things before you find what works for you.
There are even machines on the market now especially for this but they do not come cheap.

Some result to drinking too much alcohol when they are down and feeling physically under par. This just makes it worse. The sooner you start to work out a plan of action and try something the sooner you will get rid of the problem. After all without a plan and hope you have nothing.


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