There are lots of ways you can get paid to write but few of them are well paid and fewer of them are interesting. IF you are going to be doing this every day and full time then both of these things are very important. No point to putting a lot of time and effort in if it is not properly rewarded.

Blogging is something which many are drawn to when thinking about working as a writer, but I have noticed there is a trend now for a lot of people to call themselves writers even though they cannot get paid work writing. They play at it online with no results worth mentioning.

One of the reasons is because the best writers know a subject. For example, if you are bright and capable regarding your own relationships / marriage / maybe been through a tricky divorce or break up and learned from it, you would be able to be a relationship writer rather than just a writer. This means you earn a lot more. You can get a good idea of what I mean by clicking here - to find out more about how you, as a woman or man aged eighteen plus, working from home, with no expense, can earn very good money while you help others and share your experiences and knowledge with them. You can do this full or part time. And there is no expense to you.

I do suggest though that if helping others is not for you or you are not that deep and thoughtful about peoples' feelings it is not for you!

We hope that you find this is suitable for you, but no harm done if you would not find this right for you.

There is this idea that age brings wisdom with it, experience brings wisdom with it, not always the case. Some very young people have more common sense and knowledge about life than many who are much older. You may be one of them. It would be a pity to let all of that talent and ability go to wast, especially when you can benefit from it yourself.

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Beth Shepherd is an established, proven, full time professional agony aunt, advice columnist, therapist and psychic.