After doing the hundreds of crunches, push-ups, running on a treadmill or other activities you performed in the gym and saw no clearness of six-pack abs on core muscle. At that time you need to focus on the diet plan which promises your six-packs abs to get rid of belly fat around your belly.

For getting promise six-pack abs must create the diet plan table every week and decide which food you need to eat, how much to eat and what time to eat? You also create a list of junk foods you need to avoid for getting six-pack abs goal.

List of foods you need to eat.


Eggs are the longtime fitness friend for everybody builders and athletes. Eggs are the rich source of protein and perfect diet in breakfast for getting six-pack abs. Hard-boiled eggs contain the essential amino acid and calcium is useful for building muscles, gaining weight for muscles that are responsible to appear six-pack abs.


Broccoli is a good source of fiber with a low amount of calories. Broccoli is useful in losing weight during clearing your core muscles for six-pack abs to feel you full. Eat broccoli in lunch or dinner or with other greens like kale, spinach or green beans gives you energy whole time.

Sweet Potatoes:

Sweet Potatoes are low-Gi food, is responsible for controlling blood sugar level in the body and also reducing fat in the body more effectively. Sweet potatoes contain all essential nutrients that are useful in building muscles such as vitamin A, B6, C, folic acid riboflavin and many more. Eat sweet potatoes in lunch and dinner.

Green Tea:

Green tea plays a vital role in the appearance of six-pack abs. Intake green tea in breakfast and after dinner supports the metabolic rate, burn more calories from your body which helps the six-pack abs appear more quickly.

Chilli Peppers:

Chilli peppers another excellent metabolic supporter. It is responsible for speeding your metabolism up by providing heat to the body and raising the body temperature. Chilli peppers in lunch or dinner food plans help you to lose weight.


If you need to gain weight during the goal of six-pack abs than apple is the best weight gainer, especially when over-consuming. Eating an apple in breakfast and lunch keeps you away from the doctor and fat, Apple contains fiber, vitamin C, numerous health benefits fill you up and run about a hundred calories.


Blueberries are a good source of fiber, antioxidants and vitamin C. Eating blueberries in breakfast or in lunch as a snack useful for your metabolism system. These help to remove the fat cells from the body that does not mean you eat in large quantities.


Turkey is a good source of protein with a low amount of calories. Eating turkey in the breakfast or in lunch provides you 29g of protein per 100g, also contains niacin, selenium, vitamins B, zinc, and tryptophan. These nutrients are essential for the body to fulfill the energy level to consume during the workouts.

List of food you need to avoid.

Sugary Drinks:

Drinks contain high sugar levels like soda, soft drinks, sports drinks and juices are for your body, they increase the body fat around the muscles. These drink mainly cause weight gain and belly fat which is the big enemy of your six-pack abs target. Due to the intake of these drinks, the muscle problems increase day by day in human last 10 years.

Sugary Snacks:

Sugary snacks like cookies, cakes, candies, and sweets you need to avoid if you want to build six-pack abs because these foods cause body fats and gaining weight. These foods contain the excess number of fructose which causes the belly fat more.

Fast or Fried Food:

Intake of fast or fried food (Burger, Pizza, fried meat, etc) is also another barrier between your six-pack abs goal even you are workout hard in the gym. This food causes a high number of calories and fats around your belly and hasn't a chance for six-pack abs appearance.


Excess drink of alcohol can harmful to your health and waistline. You will never get the six-pack abs goal if you are drinking alcohol on a regular base or excess intake on parties even you workout hard in the gym or follow healthy diet plan.

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