I'm sitting here on a rainy Thursday morning, at peace with the world.
I was to have played in a golf tournament this morning, and was quite looking forward to it. In days a decade and a half ago, having the event canceled by rain would have ticked me off and disrupted serenity. So would have many of the other major set backs I have faced over the past fifteen years. Over that period serenity had been disturbed briefly for short bursts, but not for any extended period of time, with at least a period of peace each day.
For the majority of my life, most days I lived generally irritable, restless and discontent. Peace and serenity were words; I thought possibly only those in a retreat with the monks high in Asian mountains could truly experience on a continuous basis. How wrong I was.
Peace, serenity and joy exist in all of us. We need to take the time and get the direction to find what is already there. Let's call these feelings goodness. Goodness is not something that we do; it just finding and acting on what is already there.
There is a language I have learned to call the "Language of the Heart" and many trained to do so speak it. It is learning to listen intently to the true feelings that are inside of us, realise they are the voice of our soul, the higher power within that we were all born with. That voice is a voice of peace and serenity. Through years of living how we think we should live and responding without questioning to the daily stress and demands of life, we without knowing it, shut down that small quiet voice inside, bury it and do not speak the language of the heart, the language we spoke as very young children.
This was my experience for what it is worth!
Today I have made it a practise to take quiet time for Keith. In quieting my active mind, I have a chance to just listen, and that small quiet voice, a voice filled with hope, serenity, joy and happiness speaks to me and from that, I get daily serenity.
With work, I can promise you that you can find serenity within, and those daily periods of serenity will put you in a place where your life will get better.
I think the rain has settled in for the day. A good reminder that my plans are made, but I am not in control of what ultimately happens outside of me. I accept that, and have other things that I can turn my attention to; likely things that will have more purpose than what I had planned.
If you'd like to talk freely about how to decrease turmoil in your life and find serenity and hope daily, I can be reached through www.hopeserenity.ca. May you enjoy YOUR day!

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Certified Addictions and Life Coach coaching client success by phone. Keith Bray BA CALC. Creative process of life recovery.