No matter what it is you want to do with your life or what goals you have there is bound to come a moment in time when you just want to quit. The realization of your goals takes time, effort and sacrifice. There are lessons to be learned along the way and parts of your character that need to be developed. There are things you have to be willing to give up to get where you want to go.

When you are going through this journey you will be faced with challenges- it's all part of the character building process right? It's often difficult to have to give up something in return for what it is you want to achieve. It often hurts and feels like it's just not worth the effort.

Without realizing it we often want to cling onto what we already know. It's a world that is safe and comfortable and so when it comes to having to release that we slip into the world of fear and so turn our back on our goals and the reward that lies in wait for us.

This is when what we want appears to be too hard to get, and for many reasons of our own creation, we begin to see how it can't and will not work for us. It's best that I get out of here and return to what I know best. Even though it's not what is best for me, it's what I know best.

These are the moments that are character defining. These are the tests that the Universe sends us to see if what we want is really what we want. Because if it is we will push through the desire to quit. The only way you can ever fail at your goal is to quit. If you break down these walls you will breakthrough to the achievement of your goals and it will be all the sweeter because of it.

It took me some time to come to this understanding. I was great at finding ways for things not to work. I got caught in a vicious cycle of things not working for me. I now see with such clarity it was because in a moment of weakness and fear I quit. There were many areas of my life that flourished and these were the areas where I rose to the challenge, was prepared to give up something to get what I wanted and just kept working towards the realization of my goals.

I have since learned the secret to success. When you are at that moment in time when you want to quit, the one surefire way to survive this and guarantee your success is this...

... don't quit.

Just recognize you are in that place of fear, acknowledge it by telling yourself that this is all that is happening to you and affirm to yourself that no matter what you will not quit.

Repeat the mantra - Okay so today you've got me beat a little but I"m going to win in the next moment because no matter how bad I feel right now, I am just not going to give in.

You goals are worthy enough, be willing to release the fear to move forward.

The next very important thing you need to do to seal the deal and progress forward is to put one foot in front of the other. It can be as small as a baby step or it can be a giant leap; whatever your fragile state feels comfortable in doing. Just one small step forward and you will have defeated the fear and the desire to quit. You will begin to feel empowered and more like the winner you were born to be.

That step can be as simple as making a phone call, sending an email, journaling your current experience, rewriting or affirming your goals, visualizing what it is you want and reflecting on your why- the reason you are doing what you are doing.

You'll soon realize that it is your thoughts and your fears that are bigger than the problem or challenge, and that is easily overcome by recognizing this, not quitting and taking one simple, baby step forward. The law of inertia states what is moving will keep moving no matter how slowly.

Here is a great video that sums up the idea of never quitting no matter what odds are stacked up against you. These people could have quit at these turning points in their life. Imagine what would have happened had they given in to their fears.

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Caroline Makepeace is an entrepreneur and home business owner. She has travelled extensively throughout the world. Her travels have expanded across 33 countries. She has also lived in Dublin, London, Bangkok, Raleigh, NC and of course her home country Australia.

Caroline is passionate about living life fully and making the most of every moment. Her experiences travelling have provided her with a wealth of knowledge and a deep insight into human interactions and the perfection and magic of this great planet.
Caroline strives to assist others to develop the right mindset, strategies and techniques to help them to live their best life and to enjoy the abundant wealth and happiness that this planet offers. Caroline writes a blog offering advice, comments and strategies on these things which can be found at

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Caroline is married to Craig and they have a beautiful 2 year old daughter named Kalyra, who is their greatest spiritual teacher. Kalyra's name is an Australian Aboriginal name which means 'wild and pleasant' This perfectly fits in with the Makepeace approach and belief about life that it is indeed something that is wild (free) and pleasant!