Getting what you want involves being deliberate and focused with your intentions. You get clear, you get excited, you take inspired action, and things manifest.

And then sometimes life whacks you with a wet fish that knocks you flat.

Like how I was busy and enthralled with my work at Inner Compass, the Australian Rural Leadership Foundation, and my personal desire to have a baby this year. Everything seemed to be going swimmingly and then I was struck by the most heinous stomach bug.

I have not been sick in over a year and half and I was not prepared in any way for the complete debilitation. And the frustration. All my projects, all my aspirations - stuck on the backburner.

The worst question ever surfaced: "why did I manifest this?" (I mean come on, why would anyone manifest bad stomach cramps and a sudden desire to linger near the loo - unless it was to ditch a particularly unappealing first date).

Asking 'why' about anything is only good if it applies to something you desire and enjoy. Diarrhoea? Not a chance.

So what to do when you are stuck in the unintended poop? (pun intended)

1. Try shifting focus. I watched the Olympics. I read a good fiction book. I slept in the very comfy bed.

Nah - stomach cramps are all consuming.

2. Practice affirmations to re-wire the brain. I worked with, "Every cell of my body resonates with health, wellness, and strength."

This one actually kind of worked - the more I repeated, the greater the relief. Until the boa constrictor in my bowels tightened its grip again.

3. When all else fails, surrender. Sometimes the only way out is through. Sometimes when you try too hard, push too hard, struggle too much - you only make it worse.

Dropping resistance and giving in can be the best option.

So I did. I just let my body be sick and trusted it new how to fix itself. There is after all an overwhelming tendency to wellness and goodness in the world - if we allow it.

This can work for any kind of crappy experience (again, pun intended). If your sales are weak and you've tried everything - everything! Just take a break and focus on something different. Give up on trying to 'improve sales'. If your lover is driving you nuts, give up on trying to change him. If your team is underperforming, let them be. Throw in the towel. Just accept and surrender and make peace with what 'is'.

In fact, making peace - the part that comes after surrender - moves you further along the vibrational scale and gives you enormous relief. And it's the relief that opens the door to what you want - that little ray of sunshine that can light the path forward. This is where change is generated - not by 'trying harder' to fix things.

Surrender. Making peace with what is.

Now doesn't that sound delicious?

(Delicious? I must be on the mend!)

With love and appreciation.

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