In a funk. In a hole. In a rough patch.
Off my game. Fallen off.
Hit a wall. Hit bottom.
Slipping. Spiraling. Tanking. Trapped. Stuck.

Do these words ever come out of your mouth?

Face it. We all have bad days or bad seasons where we don't have a sense of well-being. Even though no one likes to be in "that bad place", it's not so easy to get out.

Are you in one of those times right now? Are you having trouble getting out of the dumps and into a better place?

If so, you may be dealing with some misconceptions that are holding you captive.

Let me bust up a few of the most common myths that keep people stuck.

Myth #1: I will always feel this way.
Not true. If you look back at your life, you (most likely) haven't always felt this way. You have cycles, moments, or seasons. This too shall pass.

Your Saboteur (inner opposition) will try to convince you to lose hope and give up. Don't listen.

Myth #2: I should never feel like this.
Why not? It is absolutely part of the human experience to have times of darkness and descent. Since people go through this, perhaps it serves a purpose.

Consider that your inner life may be trying to get your attention - not to keep you imprisoned in depression, but for the sake of healing and transformation.

If this is true, what do you think it's telling you right now? What areas in your life need attention, healing, love?

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Myth #3: I'm a bad person.
This is a bonus myth. Why?

Not only are you dealing with the struggle, you've now added the extra insidious layer of making yourself bad.

Perhaps you have a temptation to indulge in negativity and rehearse all the ways that life isn't working and how very bad you are. This will definitely keep you stuck.

Let me reframe this position: being in a dark period doesn't mean that you're a bad person. It means that you're wrestling with something internally and it can be resolved. In fact, if you didn't wrestle, you wouldn't grow.

I assert that these times are essential. If you accept that idea, what could change for you the next time you are in a funk...hit a that bad place?

In order to experience true transformation,
you must be willing to visit the depths of your being.

Author's Bio: 

Belinda Lams is a Certified Life Coach. She is passionate about helping people clarify a compelling vision for their lives and then take the transformational steps to realize this vision everyday.

Her inspiration is to be an inspiration.

Utilizing her journey of brokenness and healing through the loss of her daughter to cancer, Belinda brings a unique and compassionate approach to life transitions; discovering life after death and loss, intentional living, practical tools, and living from your passion and purpose.

Through phone coaching, or home-study courses, Belinda capably and lovingly helps people to de-clutter and live on purpose. Her clients are empowered to exercise their power to make better choices and create their best life.

She was trained in the Co-Active Coaching Model and Reality Therapy Techniques through Refuah Institute in Jerusalem, Israel. She also studies Spiritual Formation and Moral Psychology with Rabbi Mordecai Finley of Ohr HaTorah in Los Angeles, CA.

Along with personal coaching, Belinda is available for speaking engagements and workshops.

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