Are you a dumped girlfriend? What does it take to move on after a guy has broken up with you? Do you want to move on, but are paralyzed by sadness? Here is a dumped girlfriend guide to moving on.

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The first thing a dumped girlfriend should know is that this too shall pass. While he may have been the most important person in her life for months or even years, she will meet other men. No one is indispensable and there are many potential soulmates for your in this universe.

Being dumped is so painful that it might make you feel as if you've been injured and you will need some time to process it and grieve. The emotional trauma can be so severe it often feels as though your feet have been cut away from underneath you, rendering you unsteady and unsure. All too often you also succumb to every cold and stomach bug going.

It's normal to feel that no one else will ever fill that hole in your life if he doesn't come back and you'll never love again. This is nonsense of course, however grief skews our thinking.

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You will get over the pain. You'll be able to live again. You can start by viewing your single status as a fresh and fun opportunity to explore new territory and gain new experience instead of a punishment. You will feel lovable and desirable again. You aren't destined to a lifetime of solitude, misery, and bad luck. However first, you have to accept that your ex has gone and he will not be coming back. It's important to face your grief. Allow yourself to cry for the loss of hopes and dreams. This is true whether you're a teenager or a woman of 50 whose husband has just left her.

Do you know that you are supposed to go through this because it's a part of your journey. Apart of your growing up process. Your ex is in your life to teach you a lesson, because the two of you are magnets to each other because you are on the same level of your woundedness and you need each other to heal that woundedness (I talk about this at a great length in my Journey Inward group coaching that I recommend you to attend to work though your breakup pain).

While it doesn't seem to be so obvious now, you will get over this. Lean on your friends/family. Talk about your ex until you don't have any words left to say about him. Once you realize that you are really tired of talking about him, you'll know you're getting better. Talking is the key to feeling better. Once you talk about our hurt, it gradually ceases to have power over you. Step by step you'll be able to recover.

During this extremely painful time, it is very important that you take care of yourself. Take long, hot, scented baths. Play music that helps you to get your feelings out. Eat your favorite foods. Allow different people to get close to you and take care of you.

For many people, losing a partner brings back feelings of unworthiness or uncertainty about love from their childhood. If this happens to you, you are feeling both the end of your relationship and all of the baggage from earlier times.

And on top of these, do not, whatever else you do, chase him. Men are supposed to be the hunters. When you chase him, it actually makes you a lot less attractive. You need to seduce him with your feminine allure by keeping in mind these 7 traits of a high-value woman which have nothing to do with the chase. And this should come later when you're settled a bit. The key is to be patient.

In fact, he needs to chase you. That's what men do. And it's really a need for him to bond to you. Men hunt, women choose. When you get this through your head, you will begin to understand how to get him back.

You might also want to consider therapy. A therapist can help you explore the pain of the end of the relationship as well as any other related issues chances are you'll still have. It's no fun being dumped but you will survive and even learn a valuable lesson contributing to your self-growth, even when it feels like everything is such a dead-end to you right now.

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