There are many times in life when we may have thought of taking a courageous step forward, but there is something or someone that stands in our way that has led to indefinite procrastination.

We may not admit it to ourselves; but in reality, we are turning our back to the real problem. Most of the time, people fear the thought of taking a path less travelled. Even though it might be a path of their choice, they hold themselves back, thinking that they are inadequate.

But the real truth is that they are really afraid of facing their deepest fears. These fears are not related to inadequacies, but they are simply scared to believe that they can indeed be the most powerful, talented or famous in what they choose to be or do.

Breaking Out of a Comfortable Mould.

The thought of doing anything worthwhile with our lives is indeed a scary thought. Much as we crib and complain about our current lifestyles, we do not do anything to change it, because we are fearful of breaking away from a mould that suits us.

Most of the time, without us realising it, fear becomes dominant in our lives. Just because we are fearful of making a big decision, we end up making many small mistakes along the way and begin to doubt our capabilities.

For instance, you may be mediocre in an accounting job, but can excel as a writer because you have the ability to enthral people with the gift of your gab. You really may be wishing to become a writer, but the fear of being rejected as a published author may be holding you back. Also, because you are constantly thinking of what could happen “if” you become a writer, you actually end up underperforming in your current accounting job.

You may constantly make silly mistakes, because your mind and heart are elsewhere, and therefore end up inviting the ire of your boss. Your boss walks up to you and may chide you for your mistakes, which leaves you feeling even more rotten, because you know that those mistakes really should not have been made.

So what you are essentially doing is giving into your fear and letting it loom large over your entire existence. So what should you do?

In our example, what you should do is quit the job that is making you feel inadequate and concentrate on your writing. Tell yourself you really can, and you will be depriving the world of some great literature if you do not put yourself out wholeheartedly on paper.

You will not do yourself (or the people around you) a favour by shrinking and staying away from the spotlight. You think it will make people insecure around you if you start doing what you are really good at, but just the opposite is true. When you are really good at something and begin following your heart, people are inspired by you to follow their own hearts.

Besides, you are depriving the world of getting a taste of something really wonderful when you hold back your true potential. Whether you can sing, dance, write or be a great businessman, you are born with some talent. And it is up to you to recognise it and give it your best shot! That is called finding your true purpose in life.

Follow Your True Bliss.

The decision to change your life lies in your hand. All you have to do is tell yourself that you can and cast away your fears once and for all! Don’t waste your time thinking “what if?”

Plunge right in and take on every challenge that comes your way. If you are able to do this, there will be no place for worry, fear or self doubt in your life. You will be a confident person who will be prepared to take on life head on! And moving forward without fear is the only route that will lead to success, no matter what your endeavour is.

The feeling of letting fear go is really liberating! When you let go of your fears because of certain choices that you make in life, you will be a happier and more confident person.

In fact when you let go of your fears and decide to take action, the universe starts conspiring for you and will make things fall in place. It’s not always going to be easy, but it is definitely going to be worth it. So let go of the fears that are limiting you and move ahead with all your might!

Don’t wait for others to begin what you will do to yourself. Muster up the courage and be the master of your own decisions. It is time to live life for yourself, in all your glory!

Believe that you are born for greater things and liberate yourself from a life of ignominy. When you live your dreams, you will realise the true potential of life. The superb opportunities that life has to offer will open up in front of you.

There is no promise of it being easy; but when you choose to follow your dreams, every step you take for yourself in the right direction will be worth it! So liberate yourself from all your fears and charge ahead!

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