Last month, CNN+ debuted amid turmoil within the network. Jeff Zucker departed in February; Chris Licht - a former CBS executive producer - was appointed as his replacement.

At $5.99 a month, this service provided live and on-demand content as well as interactive elements like asking interviewees questions directly.

March 29th 2022

On Friday, CNN announced the launch of their streaming service cnn+ (pronounced cnn plus). Subscribers can avail this for $6 per month or $60 annually and enjoy live, on-demand, and interactive programming.

The service will offer live versions of weekly CNN shows and all-new programs, original series and films, plus access to CNN's library of content.

CNN+ may be the latest in a line of news-streaming services that have failed to make an impact, but it certainly isn't the first. Fox News' three-year old streaming service Fox Nation, for instance, predominantly offers right-wing opinion programming.

CNN+, however, has bigger goals. It aims to shift CNN back towards news while also appealing to those lifestyle-oriented viewers who don't need live broadcasts at specific times or days. Striking this balance can be challenging but CNN+ is doing its best.

March 29th 2023

CNN+, the streaming service launched by WarnerMedia-owned CNN in March, will shut down on April 30. This decision was made due to a merger between Discovery and CNN parent WarnerMedia that will place new leadership at the helm of the network.

Chris Licht, CNN's incoming CEO, sent a memo to staff outlining their streaming CNN Live stream. The network plans to "double down" on programming and the website's digital presence, according to the document obtained by NPR.

On Monday mornings, CNN+ will debut several key shows including "5 Things with Katie Bolduan," offering daily news panels and featuring live programming starting at 7 a.m.; and "Interview Club," where users can submit questions before and during live interviews between CNN+ journalists and their subjects.

CNN+'s launch signals a shift away from personality-driven programming and toward news coverage. This marks an important change from its predecessor Jeff Zucker, who promoted personalities alongside hot takes on topics like politics and culture.

March 29th 2024

CNN+, set for launch on March 29th 2024, will be distinct and distinct from the existing live CNN feed, HLN, and CNN International programming. It can only be accessed by authenticated pay-TV subscribers with compatible subscriptions to services like Sling TV or DirecTV.

It will feature an array of original unscripted series, along with the factual library previously available on HBO Max and CNN. Furthermore, there will be a new documentary unit dedicated to timely pop culture stories.

CNN+ recently announced the launch of their "entire line of branded, factual and original programming" to appeal to audiences interested in exploring deeper into topics like climate change; space exploration; race relations; and science. The service will cost around $5.99 per month.

CNN+ was expected to become a lucrative cash cow for CNN, with projections that it would generate $800 million annually by 2030. Unfortunately, Axios reports that less than 10,000 users are signed up daily and the network must cut hundreds of millions from its budget in order to remain solvent.

March 29th 2025

On March 29th 2025, CNN+ will launch as a test of whether its big bet that people will pay to stream its content is successful or not. Launching a service without significant investment in content is no small feat in an industry where leading players spend tens of billions annually on programming.

But cnn+ is hoping to draw in a new generation of news consumers who aren't dependent on cable TV for their news updates. It will feature live news panels, documentaries and other genre programming.

This service will be accessible in a single app that also features CNN's television feeds. As such, it stands as an immediate rival to other streaming news services from the industry.

Data from Sensor Tower shows the standalone mobile app added just 18,000 installs on March 29 compared to Disney+' 300,000 and Quibi's 1.3 million. Furthermore, it appears unlikely that many of those users are paying subscribers.

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